Friday, May 13, 2011

All Boy

As mentioned previously, Connor likes to run. He won't walk or travel anywhere at half-speed. Nope, no way, that's boring. As he runs, he opens his eyes really wide and says, "Fast, fast, fast!"

Up until yesterday, we had successfully (and narrowly) escaped collisions with walls, doors, and tables. Yesterday was the day we all knew would - but secretly hoped wouldn't - come.

Connor's school called both Dennis and me to tell us the news. Apparently it was snack time and Connor was excited. Naturally, he wanted to be the first one to sit down at the table. The only possible way for him to travel from point A (where he was standing) to point B (his desired seat at the table) was to run. And FAST. He didn't slow down in quite enough time and had a run-in with the table. Unfortunately, I think the table won.

As you can see from the photos (taken from my phone, so not the best quality), he had a decent cut above his left eye. Luckily his cut was not any lower or we would've definitely made a trip to the emergency room. His bandage is almost as big as his face.

Nunu, of course, was there to comfort him on the ride home. He pointed out his "boo boo" to everyone that made eye contact with him at school, out the window on the drive home, and especially when he first saw his Dad. Nevermind the cuts on his knees or any of his other "boo boo's"; the cut on his head was getting all of the attention.

The next morning (this morning), we applied some Neosporin and another bandage. This time, though, he wasn't going to be the only one with a bandaid on his face. He needed his two favorite people (ah-hem, just to state the obvious: his Mom & Dad) to also wear spiderman bandaids on their face.

Dennis is good at following directions (most of the time) and smiled for the photo but Connor didn't want to participate. He was not going to be caught smiling, of all things, with such an injury to his head. Or, quite possibly, he just didn't want to do what his mom was asking of him.

Either way, it's been an adventure. And a fun one at that. I also learned you should go to get stitches when you can see depth to an injury or it doesn't stop bleeding. And we need to have toddler-sized butterfly bandaids at home, in the car, at his school...

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Katie said...

Poor little guy. So did you have to get stitches????????