Saturday, January 22, 2011

Indoor Adventures

I realize that I am slow to be figuring this out, but there are apparently several really cool indoor fun-for-kids-play-places in town that are perfect for cold, rainy days or when you child just has a lot of energy. And, well, that's most days for us.

Kelly ("AK"), Dennis, Connor and I decided to check out the Childrens Museum this morning. The name is incredibly misleading because there is no way that I would take Connor to a museum in the traditional sense. Saying "do not to touch" and "be careful" are very often fighting words when they fall upon Connors little ears. This museum was anything but typical. It was essentially an indoor playground with a Chick-fil-A. If they would've been serving beer, I think we would've stayed even longer than we did.

What other suggestions do you have for us to check out in Atlanta? We are all ears for any suggestions on other great indoor entertainment this time of year so please share your findings! The Aquarium is one of the next cold Saturday trips on our list...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

It Could've Gone Either Way

But I am really glad that it worked out like it did. And so is Dennis.

I cooked again. Weird, I know. Twice in less than 10 days.

Let's get to the meat of the story. I cooked some pulled pork today and it turned out just fabulous. I love vinegar and could almost put more on the pork than what is called for in the recipe. And, I didn't use any of the juice from the crockpot. Other than that, I was able to figure out the recipe just fine with just a little help from my mom and a little help from a guy at Kroger.

If we're snowed in tomorrow, as everyone is suspecting, we can rest easy that we will have enough pork to last us all week. Maybe even all month.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


For most parents of little boys, just the meer mention of that name brings a smile to their face.

Connor has been absolutely enthralled with his trucks and trains lately so I figured that he needed more of a track or place to play with his new favorite toys. Connor needing more space equals Mom and Dad giving up more of what used to a some-what organized home to chaos, toys, and a lot of fun.

We don't have enough room for a full train table so you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that you can purchase a playboard (the top of the train table) by itself. After I learned this, I immediately launched an online investigation of how much Thomas the Train toys cost. Shortly thereafter I turned to Craigslist.

And, we found a winner.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The best not-Christmas Christmas gift

We didn't intend for this to be a Christmas gift. It just happend to arrive a few days before Christmas. And so, it became our favorite non-Christmas Christmas gift.

I am the first to admit that I was a total skeptic. I thought we'd buy this expensive coffee maker and then, BAM!, we'd be taking out a loan to pay for all of the expensive individually packaged k-cups.

Well, I was wrong. And sometimes it is awesome being wrong.

This amazing coffee pot deserves to be in a class by itself. It's not merely a coffee pot, coffee-maker, or anything of the sort. It's just plain AMAZING.

You can purchase individual flavored k-cups, you can purchase boring, bland-o-mama regular coffee cups, AND - not or - you can purchase your normal Maxwell House and simply pour the grounds into the k-cup container that is provided. Viola! You have the perfect cup of coffee in less than a minute. So, you can be as crazy - or as boring - as you want with the first cup. And then you can make a serving of the exciting stuff and then prepare a regular, boring cup. Back. To. Back.

No wasted coffee. No wasted time. Just pure heaven.