Friday, August 30, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday, Blakey

August 19 2013

Dear Blakey,

The past two years have been so unbelievably fun with you.  You never - ever - stop smiling, giggling, or asking for more "muk" (milk).  The first two are completely fine with us and we hope that you continue to be that way forever.  The third one, though, is something that we need to work on.  When I say "we", I mean you, Dennis, and me.  Usually children only have their milk warmed until the age of 1.  You, my dear princess, throw such a fi when your "muk" isn't heated to the exact temperature that you like, that your dad and I have given in and are still heating it for you ONE YEAR LATER.

I'm not sure if this is because you are the princess that you are or because your mom and dad are major wusses.  I think it's a perfect combination of the two.

One of the most beautiful things that we've seen happen this last year is between your brother and you.  Many times - not all of the time - you two will play, giggle, and chase each other through the house.  You will usually stop and hide in the curtains until your brother figures out what you are up to.  Instead of calling him "Connor" or "nonnor", you've affectionately named him "nah".

Blake speak:
"Bake" = Blake
"Baba" = Papa
"Doe-doe" = Echo
"Nuyk" = Milk
"Dah-gee" = Doggie
"Nana" = Nana
"Ma'am" = BAM
"Peas" = Please

You quickly become every teachers favorite student at Kids R Kids, where you spend your day while your parents are at work. You still cry many mornings when you are dropped off but I rest easier knowing that your thumb and Doggie are never far away.

Earlier this month, we went to Hilton Head as a family and you were skeptical of the ocean the first day we were there. After a few days, you got to the point that you'd cry when we carried you away from the shallow water you and Connor were splashing around in. I think that next year is going to be the year that we are going to watch our two favorite people ("Bake" and "Nah") spend every second possible running, splashing, and playing.

Several months ago, your Nana painted your nails for the first time. Every week or so I'll ask you if you'd like to paint your nails. The sweet smile that appears on your face and your fast nodding of your head mean only one thing: you are ready to go to your bathroom, sit on the floor, and giggle as I try to keep the pink paint on your little nails instead of the floor, my hands, and every other place it tends to magically appear.

Your babies, your purses, your painted nails and your love of wearing pretty clothes does make me a little nervous. I think you will probably LOVE to shop and might have expensive taste.

For now, if you can wear your Bubble Guppies shirt, we a purse on each shoulder, have a bow in your hair and your pretty pink sandals that display your not-quite-perfect pedicure, you are very happy. And we've learned when Blakey is happy, we are happy.

Thank you for being you.  Your smiles and laughter are contagious and brighten every single day.

We love you.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tomato Fun

Now, let's be honest. I don't really expect anyone to still be following my blog because, well...I've neglected it in a major way.  And that's "Major" with a capital M.  

In the event that there is still one person out there, though, I'm going to chronicle our adventures with something that we think is pretty darn exciting. 

We planted a tomato plant. 

Yes, it's true. 

I asked Connor if he was excited about the plant and he said, "no, I don't like tomatoes, Mommy. They are yucky for me." 

I reassured him that tomatoes are, in fact, very tasty. He continued to disagree. "I don't like tomatoes but we can give them to my teachers. Teachers like tomatoes." 

So, there you have it. We'll be giving some of our tomatoes to Connor's teachers (hopefully) in a few months.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy 16 Months

December 19th 2012

Blakey, Blakey, Blakey....

Has it already been 16 months since you joined our family?  Each day passes too quickly but I love seeing your personality emerge and learning more about what goes on inside that head of yours.  Not that you leave that much for us to wonder are good at speaking certain words, fussing, stomping your feet if your milk is warmed to the perfect temperature (yes, we are warming your milk in your sippy cup), and my two most favorite things that you do are to smile and give kisses.  Oh, and you LOVE to laugh.  If you Dad is heating up your milk, you'll walk over to him and grab his leg and give him a kiss on his knee.  If I turn on an episode of "Bubble Guppies" not only will you kiss me but you will also point to the TV and exclaim, "BUBBA!"  A woman of few words, yes, but those words are very specific and leave little room for error.

One of the biggest changes that we are facing right now is getting you ready to start school with Connor.  He probably wouldn't admit it but I know he's secretly excited to have you there.  You'll learn a lot and have so much fun but man oh man I'm not ready for the transition quite yet.  You have been SO LOVED by Krissi and BAM each week.  I won't say "spoiled" but that is probably a more accurate description. 

I know Krissi and Mary (her daughter) will miss you and we will miss them immensely.  Connor will miss rushing home from school to play with Mary.  I only took a few photos of you and Krissi and ended up with a handful of good ones.  Your brother and Mary, on the other hand, were a different story.  One of them (or both) was usually making a funny face or not looking at the camera.  Please don't follow in their foot steps.  I know it's too late for that because you admire both of them and cannot get enough of your brother.  Your relationship is growing stronger each day and I so love that.

Your visit with Santa at the mall went...well, I mean, let's just say that it's a good thing that we have that behind us.  And it's a good thing that you've already opened a lot of your Christmas gifts since your mom and dad aren't the best at waiting to give you anything.  Your favorite gift so far seems to be your own, personalized chair.  I'm not sure if you like the chair as much as you like the fact that you now have one just like your brother. 

Thank you for being you, Blakey.  Your sweet smile lights up my even though it is a bit mischievous, it reassures me that we have many fun times together.  And that is something that I have NO DOUBT about. 

I love you.


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pictures with Santa

We've all seen the screaming baby sitting on Santa's lap for the first time.  The photographer at Northpoint Mall had perfect timing when we were those people this past weekend.  As you can see, Connor and Santa were amazingly content and actually look unphased by the blood curdling scream coming from the sweet little girl on the other side of Santa's lap. 


As I was talking to BAM on the phone this morning, she mentioned that there was a good chance that a very similar picture of Dennis existed.  She sent Stephen on a mission to find it and a few short hours later it was scanned and in my inbox.  


I am really at a loss for words when I look at this photo.  Blake definitely resembles her father and the way he is screaming but so careful not to spill his raisins makes you smile.  I love his plaid pants and I love Santa's dark brown sideburns. 

These two pictures may not win any photo awards but they are two of the most special photos that I have.  Special - albeit chaotic - moments captured forever. 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

A few special treats

I'm showing you special pictures that haven't been shared otherwise because I love you, my devoted blog-checkers :)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Almost forgot my login.

I am sorry for not posting.  Somehow, these two little sweet chunks of love have completely taken over my life.  I swore it wouldn't happen, as did Dennis.  And now, I fear, we are in deep doo-doo. 

And yes, I said doo-doo.  I really have to watch what I say because Connor likes to repeat everything he hears and then some.  It was a classic Connor moment when he and his Dad walked in the door and his Dad handed me an "oh no report".  He has a new teacher in his class and she sends home these little notes when kids are particularly challenging.  And, well, that pretty much describes Connor so we are in frequent receipt of those notes.

Anyway, his note went on to say how he did not cooperate at nap time and instead of being quiet he chose to repeatedly climb on top of the play house in the room.  The teacher tried to calm him down, quietly, but he was having none of it.  He went on to call her a "baby" and then a "baby maker".  I really don't know if I've ever said - or typed - "baby maker" until he came home with that note. 

As I read the note with Connor, Dennis, BAM and Blakey looking at me, I did everything that I could not to laugh.  But, as you can imagine, I was unsuccessful. 

Then tonight, I told Connor that we're going to play a game called "Listen to Mommy".  He looked up at me, perplexed.  "What's that game?  How do we play that game?"  Uh-huh.  My point exactly. 

So on the one hand you have our little daredevil, Connor, and on the other hand, you have our little terodactyl.  Now that's another word that I have never typed before.  Who says you don't keep learning after you have kids? 

Blakey likes to run around the house (she is trying to jump) and she does a great rendition of what I imagine a terodactyl scream to sound like.  Pretty awesome and never overwhelming after a long day of work. 

She is also slightly addicted to Bubble Guppies.  As soon as she wakes up in the morning, she points down stairs and says, "Bubba-bubba!" 

So, what is the point of the post?  It's to say that I'm sorry for neglecting you but please believe me when I say that it's not because I have been lounging around, eating bon-bons.  Nope, nosiree. 

My life is exhausting in every meaning of the word but it's a wonderful, beautiful, exhausted. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall Frolic

Well, one thing is for sure....

....we will have a lot of opportunities to practice our raking skills this Fall. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy 14 Months

October 19, 2012

Dear Blakey,

Wow!  You turned one, almost four teeth have made their presence known, learned to walk, and all of my free time disappeared.  You still love to smile, pretend to tickle our feet or arms and admire everything that your big brother does.  The term "busy" doesn't do you justice. 

Your first official haircut was on September 8th while we were in Missouri visiting your Nana & Papa for the very first Mizzou SEC football game.  You weren't too interested in the Tigers or the Bulldogs but did have a few words for the hairdresser when your hair was trimmed.  You screamed and cried for the entire two minute process.    And did I say that you cried as loud as I've ever heard?  Your Nana has selective memory because she said you were as sweet as could be imagined.  I guess that's what happens when you have grandkids. 

Your first tooth started to come through on the weekend of your birthday party.  It officially broke through a few weeks later.  And then you had one sweet tooth on the bottom.  A second one, on the top, started to come through shortly thereafter.  You have one and a half teeth on the top and bottom.  It's really cute and I am so glad to know that your teeth finally got on the stick and decided to make their debut. 

Walking has been another adventure all in itself.  Your first steps were right at 13 months.  I loved watching you gain your confidence as you would take one or two steps from the coffee table to the chair in the living room and then graduated to several more steps between the couches and finally five, ten, and then fifteen steps from your dad to me.  It didn't take you long at all.  Now you are Connor make laps through the entry way to the living room, to the kitchen, to the dining room, back to the entry way and on and on. 

The pictures below are from the most recent haircut adventure.  Connor did really well and I think he may have actually had fun at SnipIt's.  You, on the other hand, left no doubt in anyone's mind that it was the most terrible thing that you've ever had to do.  For that, I'm sorry.  For sweet haircut, I'm very impressed. 

Oh yeah, and getting you AND your brother to smile and look at the camera at the same time is impossible. 

Thank you for being you.  I love you so much!


Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy 12 months!

August 19th, 2012


Happy birthday to my sweet little one year old!  ONE ENTIRE YEAR.  I cannot believe that 12 months ago you joined our family....and I remember it as if it was yesterday.  Your Dad slept downstairs on the couch because the air conditioning wasn't working and I wasn't exactly the easiest person to sleep with at that point of the pregnancy.  I started to get these really painful, stabbing pains in my abdomen about 6am.  Your dad asked me if I was going into labor and if I was having contractions.  Of course, I told him, No way.  It's still three weeks early.  She isn't due for almost a month!  These pains ARE coming in about every 5 minutes, though.... Needless to say, we were on our way to Northside Hospital within the hour and you arrived before noon. 

As you've proven to us with your teething schedule, you do things on your own schedule.  When you want to do it, you'll make it happen.  Until then, though, I shouldn't waste my breath or my brain space on trying to coax you otherwise. 

I tried to think of a stronger word than LOVE for how you felt about your birthday cupcake but I think that is probably the best term for how you responded to the sweet goodness placed in front of you for the first time.  You were timid at first, but dove into the icing and cupcake after a little coaxing.  And, did I mention how adorable you looked in your little ladybug dress? 

As far as your activities go, you are always going somewhere.  Sitting still or even being held in the same position for more than 30 seconds just isn't acceptable.  You crawl everywhere and absolutely adore being walked around the house again and again and again.  Your steps have been more brave lately...we can get to you walk with only one hand in ours if we trick you and put your doggie ("dah-dah") in your other hand.

Apparently Mr. Ducky did something to upset you because you have completely written him off.  Your doggie has become the toy of choice.  Any time that you are upset, tired, or frustrated with your brother, Doggie saves the day.  You pull him up to your face and that left thumb is instantaneously in your mouth. 

Your smile, giggle, and your head shake (you always shake your head as if to say "no no no no") show your charming personality as it beams through.  Your eyes light up when you see your big brother and I hope that never goes away.  (Don't worry, I'm trying to teach him what the words 'gentle' and 'be easy with your sister' means.) 

I'm writing this to you a few days past your birthday and so I am happy to announce that I can feel your bottom two teeth cutting through.  As of the 12 month mark, you were all gums.  Soon that smile will have to two white surprises on the bottom. 

Happy birthday, Blake.  I hope you always know how much you are loved by everyone that meets you.  Your parents, grandparents, AK, Rick, great grandma's, and even your brother are wrapped around your little finger.  You've got us in the perfect spot to get everything you want in life. 

I look forward to the years to come but pray that they don't escape us too quickly!  I love having my sweet little girl around to cuddle with and to toss her Doggie out of her crib after nap or bedtime.

I love you!