Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy 7 Months

March 19, 2012

Dear Blake,

Happy 7 months! I do realize that I say this in almost every letter to you, but TIME IS GOING BY WAY TOO QUICKLY! I look back at the pictures from just a few months ago and cannot believe how big you are now. You are so sweet and smiley (and as of late, pretty drool-ey, too) that I want to snuggle up with you every time I look at you. Your cheeks are just edible.

You very much enjoy being held and loved on (especially kisses on your neck or your sweet cheeks) but you really enjoy jumping in your exersaucer or rolling around on the floor. Your sleeping at night has still been great – in bed by 7pm and sleeping until about 7 am – and we have been woken up less lately by an upset little girl. The upset little girl that managed to roll onto her belly and isn’t quite sure how to get back to her preferred sleeping position (on her back). I was pleasantly surprised when I went in to check on you before going to bed several nights ago because you were sound asleep on your belly. Thumb in your mouth and sound asleep.

The walker that I purchased for you (actually for Connor but now it’s yours) is something that I must apologize for. It’s just a little bit too high to use just yet. I remember that your brother had a little trouble at first because it is higher than the one he played in at his friend, Kahn’s, house, but he did grow into it. And I have a feeling your tootsies will be touching the ground very quickly and you’ll be off and excited about being able to follow your big brother around the house more easily.

On this past Tuesday, March 22nd, you said your first word. And it was “Mama”. You’ve been working on talking a lot as you practice your waving skills. You are quite a natural multi-tasker, I must admit. “Mamamamama mamamama mamama”, has been an incredibly popular phrase that escapes your lips. So, anyway… I was getting ready to leave to meet my boss for work and Krissi was holding you. You were tired, almost ready for your first nap of the day, and then it happened. I waved to you and as I did that, two big tears came down your cheeks, you waved back and said “Mama”. Needless to say, I was a few minutes late to meet the boss man.

I know that I say you smile a lot but you really do. It seems like your favorite pastime is just being happy. You smile when you see us, when we hold you, when you are tired, when you put your feet in your mouth while you are being changed, when you kick your feet to the sound of the toy guitar, when you take a bath, when you sit in the highchair, when Echo walks past…

Happy seven months to my beautiful little girl. I love you.