Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Six Months, Baby Girl!

February 19th, 2012


As you can tell very clearly from the photos, you are an incredibly busy little girl. You are busy smiling, watching your brother, smiling, putting your toes in your mouth, smiling, and GRUNTING because you just cannot smile any bigger.

We switched your feeding schedule to every four hours several weeks ago. You don’t seem to mind eating less frequently since you are now getting solids with your first three meals each day. And, I have to congratulate myself since you actually ate your peas. Yes, you ate your peas. You owe your Nana for this one, Blake. She suggested actually warming those things up in the microwave. I not only did that for you but I also tried to mute the flavor a little bit by adding in a little bit of rice cereal. Judging by how wide you opened your mouth as the spoon approached, I would definitely say today was a success just because you ate some green stuff.

This afternoon you were not your normal low-key self. I am afraid that my two favorite kiddos are both getting sick because neither of you seemed as happy as normal. You are just like your older brother in that how you feel can clearly be measured by the number of smiles we see each day. If we are anywhere near the 1,000 smiles a day mark, we’re in trouble. Something is definitely not right. I think we were hovering around the 1,000 smiles a day mark today so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I missed a few smiles and that you are actually feeling OK.

Quiet is how you like to play the game most days: very little crying and fussing. (Thank you for that.) Laughing at your brother and trying to talk have become more and more frequent. I love watching the relationship blossom between you and Connor. You put up with a lot now so I have been warning him that in a few very short months, you’ll be able to get into a lot more of his things and do a lot more things TO him.

It’s 8:11PM and I am about ready to crash. Today was Presidents Day so your Dad and I are completely exhausted after three days in a row with two of the most busy people I know. Happy, sweet, and definitely busy. And you aren’t even walking yet.

I love you, Blake!




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