Monday, May 31, 2010

I'm Not Going to Cry. No Way.

Connor transformed from being a little baby boy to being a little BOY right in front of my eyes today. And I couldn't do anything to stop it. With his first haircut, he left babydom behind him and entered toddlerhood.

As much as I love Connor's beautiful hair, the whole helmet-head hairdo just wasn't doing it for him anymore. Well, it might have been "doing it" for him, but not-so-much doing it for his parents. So we went to Snip-Its for his first haircut this afternoon.

It was a surprisingly easy process. Connor cooperated with the nice lady cutting his hair and didn't fuss at all. I was the one doing the fussing. I mean, I wasn't doing an all-out-cry, but tears definitely appeared at the corners of my eyes. I don't know where they came from, but all of the sudden I realized that we have a little boy now, not a baby.

The lady cutting his hair laughed at my sentimentalness. She said, "you cry now because you see him growing up. BELIEVE ME, you'll be jumping for joy when you see him all grown up and leaving the house for college." Did she not realize that just thinking about him going to his first day of pre-school or kindergarten makes me emotional, much less imagining him leaving the house for college? I mean, HELLLOOO.

It's crazy to think about how much of my life was spent pre-Connor, or BC (Before Connor). And, in just one year, he's captured my heart and I cannot imagine a minute without him.

Think I could get a certificate like this the next time I go to the salon? If I ask really, really nicely??

((This is my first attempt at playing with the video software we have. I promise not to make a video of EVERYTHING we do and I also promise to learn how to put music or other background music on during the photo slideshow. Suggestions are welcome.))


DAve said...

"Don't jinx it."


Kristi Gilbert said...

So cute Krista! He'll ALWAYS be your baby! :)