Saturday, May 29, 2010

Catching Up

My parents, who aren't really "beach people", planned a beach trip to Destin, Florida in early May. While they aren't big fans of the beach, they are big fans of their grandson. Go figure. And, since Kelly, Dennis, and I are drawn to the ocean, it worked out perfectly. We had a relaxing time in the sun while my parents played with their grandson. Connor thoroughly enjoyed himself, too.

While his parents were soaking in the rays, Connor decided to push himself up from his wounded-soldier crawling position into the sitting position. We thought that this would never happen! And, with the encouragement of his grandparents, Connor began to learn how to pull himself up onto furniture and all of the sudden a new world opened up to him. And a big part of our world closed us off.

Connor has officially been on the move for some time but once he realized that he could actually reach the items that he had been staring at for the last 11 months, it was all over. For us. And it was just beginning. For him.

May 13th was the first time that we SAW Connor pull himself up in his crib. I say that it is the first time we SAW him do this because we secretly think that he has been able to pull himself up, walk, talk, and do all kinds of things. But he only does it when we aren't looking. He probably sits in his crib, reads books, calls his friends and does all sorts of things. But he is going to make us wait to see those skills.

And, it's fine that he is going to make us wait. It really is. He is changing way too fast as it is. Our little baby is no longer a baby. He is a sweet little boy.

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