Saturday, December 8, 2012

Almost forgot my login.

I am sorry for not posting.  Somehow, these two little sweet chunks of love have completely taken over my life.  I swore it wouldn't happen, as did Dennis.  And now, I fear, we are in deep doo-doo. 

And yes, I said doo-doo.  I really have to watch what I say because Connor likes to repeat everything he hears and then some.  It was a classic Connor moment when he and his Dad walked in the door and his Dad handed me an "oh no report".  He has a new teacher in his class and she sends home these little notes when kids are particularly challenging.  And, well, that pretty much describes Connor so we are in frequent receipt of those notes.

Anyway, his note went on to say how he did not cooperate at nap time and instead of being quiet he chose to repeatedly climb on top of the play house in the room.  The teacher tried to calm him down, quietly, but he was having none of it.  He went on to call her a "baby" and then a "baby maker".  I really don't know if I've ever said - or typed - "baby maker" until he came home with that note. 

As I read the note with Connor, Dennis, BAM and Blakey looking at me, I did everything that I could not to laugh.  But, as you can imagine, I was unsuccessful. 

Then tonight, I told Connor that we're going to play a game called "Listen to Mommy".  He looked up at me, perplexed.  "What's that game?  How do we play that game?"  Uh-huh.  My point exactly. 

So on the one hand you have our little daredevil, Connor, and on the other hand, you have our little terodactyl.  Now that's another word that I have never typed before.  Who says you don't keep learning after you have kids? 

Blakey likes to run around the house (she is trying to jump) and she does a great rendition of what I imagine a terodactyl scream to sound like.  Pretty awesome and never overwhelming after a long day of work. 

She is also slightly addicted to Bubble Guppies.  As soon as she wakes up in the morning, she points down stairs and says, "Bubba-bubba!" 

So, what is the point of the post?  It's to say that I'm sorry for neglecting you but please believe me when I say that it's not because I have been lounging around, eating bon-bons.  Nope, nosiree. 

My life is exhausting in every meaning of the word but it's a wonderful, beautiful, exhausted. 

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