Monday, May 18, 2009

Drop It Like it's Hot...

Here is my 38+ week belly shot.

Pretty sexy.

Dennis purchased these AWESOME Reebok pants for me when I started to get frustrated with my expanding belly. They expand WITH me, which is pretty much a neccessity. I have modeled them in every belly shot photo so far (and yes, they are reversible - pink on one side and white on the other).

Do you think I'm "dropping" yet? This photo is taken pre-Scalini's eggplant dinner, too, by the way. So it might be a different story later on tonight.


Jamie Massey said...

The countdown has begun!!!

kama said...

Krista! I haven't seen you in forever, but cannot wait to meet Mr. Connor. Congrats - I have two co-workers due on 5/30 and they are all trying some of the same tactics to induce labor. My guess is Friday 5/22. Let's go baby Connor!