Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'll Take Some Pity Cake, Please

A few years ago, there was a promotion going on at some of the best Atlanta restaurants where you basically were able to eat at a very nice restaurant for a very low price. We particiated in the promotion several years in a row. Here's how it worked: Pretend its 2005. Select high-end restaurants in Atlanta offer you a 3 course meal (or a pre-selected meal) for $20.05 during the promotion week. Dennis and I were able to eat some really good food for some really low prices.

We booked a reservation at City Grill and mistakenly went to Capital City Grille. Rookie mistake. We waltzed in there, sat down, and asked for the menu for the "2005 Restaurant Week Promotion" and we got a blank stare from the waitress. After several minutes of conversation to clear up the confusion, we ended up ordering some calamari and a glass of wine. Then we asked for our check. We had in our minds that we were going to spend $40.10 for a delicious meal and we had probably already spent that. The waitress came back to our table with the check. And a piece of cake for us to share. That was the first piece of Pity Cake that I had ever received. I must add, though, that it was a fabulous first piece of Pity Cake.

Where am I going with this Pity Cake story? Well, I think we may have been served another slice today at our OB appointment.

Dennis and I sat there discussing Connor's progress and how ready we are to meet this little man (and I'm looking forward to no longer being pregnant) with our physician and then told her how we are hoping to be dilated this visit. Not just dilated but DILATED.

She told us that I'm 1/2 centimeter dilated right now. C'mon, are you serious? That's all? I think she felt bad for us and was giving us a Pity 1/2 Centimeter. Another serving of Pity Cake!

It doesn't look like the baby is going to make his appearance this week. But maybe next. Or the week after that.

Since Dave, Maya, Josh and Justin went with Dennis and me to Scalini's restaurant last night for eggplant, I am wondering if that contributed to being dilated 1/2 cm today. Being the math genius that I am, I'm thinking that if we go 20 more times we should be fully dilated and I'll be in full labor. Not so sure I can eat that much eggplant, but I'm willing to give it a try...


allison.martiny said...

I think I was only 1/2 cm the week before Riley came! Don't fret, you are so close! It is well worth the wait. :)


allison.martiny said...

And...I think my prego belly at 18 weeks is as big as yours is now. sigh! :)

maya said...

Yay, I made the blog!

Um, it's kinda looking like you're serving Dennis a little slice of Pity Cake by posting that picture of him by himself looking uncomfortable in front of Scalini's, since he didn't get to be in the group picture.

I feel like a jerk for not offering to take the picture. Sorry about that, guys.

Katie said...

Cute! I have heard stories of women walking around 4 cm dilated for WEEKS and others going from 0-10 in an hour. That dilation stuff is a load of crap. (hehe) You will be done soon....I promise. I just had a flashback of myself sitting in a chair, 38 weeks pregnant, eating an entire pineapple and washing it down with rasberry leaf tea(resulting in sores in my mouth) b/c I read that would help. Go take a nap, have Dennis bring you some icing in bed and relax...you have your work cut out for you.