Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Bestest Christmas Gift Ever

If someone were to ask you what your favorite Christmas gift of all time was, what would you say? Do you have one Christmas or a particular Christmas gift that comes immediately to mind? I do. When we were growing up, Kelly and I were hoping for a puppy as our gift. We assured my parents that if Santa brought us a Shih Tzu on Christmas Day, we would be the best kids in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD. We would never act up again.

Our piano teacher had the sweetest little Shih Tzu named Mozart. We didn't particularly like going to piano lessons but being able to see the little pooch always made the visit a little bit easier. So, maybe if we got a Shih Tzu for ourselves we'd be better off? Of course we would, helllooo.

As we were crawling into bed on Christmas Eve, exhausted from visiting with family at Mommo & Poppo's house in Pilot Grove, opening presents, and going to our annual candle light church service, my parents came into the room with something that they found downstairs. It was the cutest little Shih Tzu in the world! My Dad said Santa must've dropped it off while we were at Mommo & Poppo's. We were so excited that it was a chore for my parents to get us to go back to sleep that night ... and as you could imagine, we lived happily ever after and Kelly and I never acted up again. Bandit, as he was later named, was the best Christmas gift that I ever received.

We switched up our routine this year and stayed in Atlanta for a wonderful Martin-style celebration. Echo enjoyed the visit, too, since the car ride is much shorter going to the Martins across town than going to the Langs in Missouri.

While I don't know what gifts Bettyann has received during Christmases past, I do know that the gift she received this year would qualify as her best Christmas gift ever. Stephen said that for as long as he can remember, when he asked her what she wanted for Christmas, her response remained the same, year after year: a pony. This year, she must've done something right because Santa brought her exactly what she was hoping for.


Katie said...

Where are they going to keep this awesome gift? I am soooooo jealous. Now you have free pony rides for your bday parties. Lucky duck.

Krista said...

ha ha I just I should've been more clear...they 'rented' the pony for a few hours from a petting zoo. Bettyann would, however, LOVE to keep it in her backyard.

Meimi said...

SHUT UP!! That is the greatest thing ever. I wish she could keep it in her backyard.

bam said...

I could not have been happier or more surprised, it was a wonderful Christmas, now I am thinking what I can ask for next Christmas? I don't think anything can top this Christmas. Thank you all for making it happen.

Jamie Massey said...

Wow! That was the best thing I have seen all year! It actually brought tears to my eyes. You all are the best!

Jamie Massey