Friday, December 26, 2008


First, let me start by saying that I finally found a movie that I've seen and Dennis hasn't. In case you couldn't guess, the movie that I'm talking about is UP CLOSE & PERSONAL. What type of award should I win for this accomplishment? I am going to nominate, and award myself with the highly esteemed - and not to mention, highly coveted - Oscar for being the COOLEST SPOUSE IN DA HOUSE. I think that this will look very nice on our mantle. Oh, and by the way, Happy Kwanza today.

I didn't realize - until Dennis pointed it out to me the other day - that after EVERY single movie we ever watch, I ask him, "on a scale of 1-10, what would you rate this movie?" So, as should be expected, when we exited the theater after watching FOUR CHRISTMASES the other day, I asked him the inevitable question. He rated it a 6. I gave it an 8 and Dennis couldn't believe it. But, part of the rating criteria that he missed (because I never told him) is that ANY movie that is 90 minutes or less gets an automatic minimum score of 6. And the movie finished safely under that time frame.

Today, Dennis and I were brainstorming names for our son (is he 'our son' yet? do I need to wait till he's born to refer to him that way? who knows) and got into a big debate over how to spell the main character's name from Family Matters. Is it Urkel (Dennis' vote)? Or Eurkel (my vote)? This is a serious question, now, because we were contemplating initials and need to know this type of information.

Although commonly (mis)spelled with an "E", Dennis wins that bet. Damn. I guess he can have an Oscar, too, it just won't be as awesome as mine. What should his Oscar be for?

His can be the not-so-coveted spelling bee award.

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Josh M. said...

Sorry, I think Dennis wins the award for not seeing Up Close and Personal.