Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Inundated with media today

While I was waiting at Peachtree Dermatology today for my annual mole check up, I had more than enough time to read the entire newspaper. Cover to cover. Talk about feeling grown up. I even shared the newspaper with other grown ups in the waiting room. It was a nice, albeit unfamiliar, feeling. Being grown up AND mature all in one day? Whew, I was definitely going to need a nap after that mental work out.

So I read through the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and one of the articles that caught my attention really made me think. And yes, it is political, so please brace yourself if you need to. The article makes some good points that we ALL need to be aware of as we sit here and complain about this or that when it comes to our government. And, don't worry: I am not talking about Democrat or Republican ideas but instead I'm talking about doing something that will help the people in Congress to remember that they are there to serve OUR best interests, not theirs. When I was at the gym this afternoon, one of the "news"channels was showing statistics on the approval rating for congress - - it's at 18%! Can you imagine if your boss told you that you still had a job even if you did a good only 18% of the time? Of course not!

You are probably wondering: Ok, Krista, this is all good information but what in the world are you suggesting we do? Run for Congress, ourselves? And, to answer your great questions, I am not asking you to run for Congress but to take an active role in learning about what is - and isn't - being discussed and/or passed in Congress.

Check out this link and please consider signing up. All you have to do today is input your information and you will then get updates on what is going on in Washington and you can choose to act - or not act - if you feel that the issue being addressed is important. It costs nothing except a little bit of your time. That is a very fair exchange - - give a few minutes a month in return for an improvement in the world in which we live and an opportunity to make our country a little bit nicer for our children. (For some reason, I have Whitney Houston's song, The Greatest Love of All , in my head now...)

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