Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I don't usually participate in these things, but I was officially tagged by Katie, so I will give this a shot. As per the tagging guidelines, I am supposed to share 7 things that are weird or that y'all don't know about me. So, sit back and enjoy.

1. I love the smell of gasoline. When I was growing up, I was constantly asking my parents how I could have the smell of gas around me all of the time. Little did they know, I was going to marry Dennis and my problem would be taken care of.... (only kidding!)

2. In college, I applied to, and was accepted to participate on the show Change of Heart. I did not end up participating because the idea behind the game show is that you and your current boyfriend/girlfriend go on the game show, go on a date with someone else, and then either keep your current boyfriend/girlfriend or go for the new love of your life (that you just met). If you go with the new person, you have a "change of heart". For the game show to work, you have to live near where they are filming in case you meet the new love of your life...you need to both live close so you can continue on your road to happiness.

3. I was the last one out of all of my high school friends to drink alcohol. I was afraid to drink because I thought that I would get out of control and cut my hair. Talk about morals!

4. I got my worst grades in band in junior high school. I played the saxophone and hated being in parades with those silly cumberbun's and other band-y things. I often couldn't memorize the whole song so I would just pretend to play and keep walking... Kinda like when you are singing in the choir and move your mouth as if to say, "marshmallow...watermelon", so that no one can tell you aren't singing with everyone else. I mean, we all did that, right??

5. I often call Dennis "baby goat balls". Previously I called him "baby goat" or "goat balls" and one morning I was not very awake and called him "baby goat balls". We both fell over laughing.

6. Y'all already know that I have an appetite for weird things. I like to eat ICING (by itself). When I ate cereal in college, I mixed it with Diet Sprinte instead of milk. The first night that I met Dennis (& the Elon gang), Katie asked me what I like to eat. I told her, "Chicken. Chicken in the morning. Chicken for lunch. And chicken for dinner." Some things never change.

7. I applied to Steak and Shake for my first job. I didn't even show up for the first day of training because I found out that I would have to wear a bow tie!

8. (BONUS) I have always wanted to have a pie throwing contest! Y'know, put whipped cream in a pie shell and throw it at each other!

Ok, there are the most exciting 7 random things about me! I hope you were entertained.

Please leave a comment with 5-7 of your weirdest attributes. I am officially tagging Maya, Meimi, Dennis, and Josh. Please do it! There are starving kids in Africa!


maya said...

Well, I never pass up an opportunity to talk about myself, so here goes...

1. Most of y'all already know this, but I didn't get my driver's license until I was 26. I still don't drive on the highway.

2. I have never smoked a cigarette.

3. Since I was little, I've been afraid of people dressed in scary costumes. I thought I'd grow out of it, but to this day, I won't go to a haunted house or even to Six Flags for Fright Fest.

4. When I was 10, I learned how to ride a unicycle. One day, I'll dress up like a clown and chase Dave around on a unicycle, just for fun.

5. I really want to be in a commercial. Like REALLY REALLY want to be in a commercial. Not a movie or a TV show. Just a commercial.

6. I haven't seen a lot of movies, and I don't really care to see a lot of movies. People who know me well have learned never to start a sentence with, "Have you seen...?" The answer is almost always, "No" (unless it's "Titanic"). I hadn't even seen "Dirty Dancing" until about a year ago, and I only watched it because I was told that I wasn't really a girl until I had seen it.

7. I am very self-conscious about my body and yet, I secretly want Hef to call me and ask me to be in Playboy.

Meimi said...

But I don't have a blog... can I just respond here? OK! I have about 1,293 weird attributes, which Scott can go into in amazing detail if you have a couple of hours to spare, but I'll just list a fraction of them here:

1. I pick at my toes while watching TV. It's gross. Don't watch TV with me.

2. I have about 1,000 different names for Scott and also my cat. They are weird and completely made up, and change on a daily or weekly basis. For example, my cat can be a Schmoo or a Minnel or a Kikimunk. It's my own crazy language.

3. I still sleep with my baby blanket. ISSUES!

4. I always wash my hair at night, never in the morning.

5. During my entire high school career, I only earned one B on my report card - in computer typing class. I thought it was a stupid class and a useless skill. Oops.

6. I learned how to water ski before I learned how to ride a bike.

7. I only applied to one college - UGA. It worked out pretty well.

Dennis said...

Ok. I'm only doing this b/c my wife requested it and some sort of bad kharma will come my way if I don't. Like, for example, my wife withholding sex from me.

1. Every time I go up or down a flight of stairs I have to count the number of stairs. Krista's OCD must be contagious.

2. Every time I pass one of the Lottery signs on the highway I spend the next 10 minutes thinking of fun ways to spend the money. EVERY TIME.

3. My Dad is Steve Martin and my brother is Ricky Martin. Most people probably had no idea they were related.

4. I am completely addicted to trashy Realty shows. number one favorite: Any of the real world / road rules challenge shows.

5. I also only got one "B" in high school. It was also in typing, and my highest grade in High School.

6. I used to have a huge crush on Britney Spears. Even Tailgated at one of her shows while in college. Now she completely grosses me out. However, if a secret sex tape of hers ever comes out I'll be first in line.

7. Every time I hang up the phone w/ Krista I say "love ya bye" and once left that on my boss' voicemail. He then played it for the entire office.

Josh M. said...

As my fiancee likes to remind me, I have good stories, but a limited amount of them - so I tend to tell them over and over again. So you might have heard a couple of these.

1) When I was nine, I was diagnosed as having the bubonic plague, which I caught from playing with prairie dogs in Wyoming. My fever reached 104, my brother's reached 105. The doctor didn't report it because it would have made headlines. All I remember is sitting in a bathtub full of ice cubes to lower my temperature. Only about a year ago did my mom tell me it was a tub of lukewarm water. True story.

2) I have a ton of movie themes on my iPod - no big secret. What you don't know is damn near every one of them corresponds to a movie I've made up in my own head. So if you're in the car with me and a movie theme is playing, most likely my mind has wandered to envision a fake trailer of a movie I once intended to write/direct.

3) In college, I was at an apartment late night with three guys and five girls. One guy and one girl started making out, another guy and another girl started making out, another guy and another girl started making out - and then the two remaining girls starting making out with each other, leaving me sitting by myself. It was what one refers to as "the low point of self-esteem."

4) Just about a year after college, I was offered a job in Los Angeles to be an online editor for a fledgling network called E. They needed me on the west coast in about a week, though, and I chickened out and turned it down. For the next few years, I kicked myself about that one. I coulda been Seacrest.

5) I also have never smoked a cigarette. But, oddly enough, I had a brief, late-90s "try darn near any drug I can get my hands on" phase. Never touched nicotine, though.

6) I lost my virginity when I was 23. Silly misspent Christian youth.

7) I am not a racist. Except when I'm in my car, when I turn into the grand wizard of the KKK.

8) You have to have a 2.0 to graduate from UGA. I got out of there with a 2.03. That's what spending 10 hours a day at the student newspaper will get ya.

Josh M. said...

Two more:

First, Maya reminded me: I don't eat food of a bone. I love me some meat, but will not eat it if I have to gnaw off a bone to do so. And no, I don't really understand it either.

Second, whenever I'm in a restaurant, I can't have my back to the door. Or if I do, I'm sitting to the side, constantly fidgeting, looking over my shoulder. My brother and dad have this same issue, which always makes it interesting when we eat together. We must have all been shot in the back in a former life.

Krista said...

awesome, josh. can i go to dinner w/ you 3 sometime? and maybe the ex-wife that we saw a few 4th of july's ago? :)