Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Scary Sight (pre-Halloween)

As Summer fades into Fall and we start to put on more clothing than we did in the previous months, it is important to note that one of the best parts of this transition is that people no longer wear Crocs. A lot of people wear these ugly things. I'm sure you've seen them. Probably stuck on an escalator or somewhere like that.

And I can't figure out why so many people wear them. I heard that these people even pay money for them.

Since I'm a fashion expert, I was appauled at what I noticed online today:

"They're baaaacccckkkkk".


Katie said...

You will change your mind when you have tiny kid feet to shove into shoes daily.....or hourly. Then those tiny kid feet stimp in the mud and you can just hose them off if they are in crocs! brilliant. Now I DO agree crocs should NOT be made in adult size. ;)

Dennis said...


Just be careful when on escalators (even though I know you avoid them like the plague anyway) b/c there are several lawsuits going on now b/c these things have been getting caught in them and caused TERRIBLE injuries.

Emmy said...

I am a fan of Uggs and you will be too once you put your feet into them. I do think crocs are great for the kiddies and look good on them but agree with Katie in that they should not make them in adult sizes. They should also not convert them to boots! Yikes that is awful! I really hope that those are kids boots because this not an acceptable boot for an adult to wear! Chris has a rule that if he is ever caught wearing crocs someone gets to punch him in the face LOL.