Saturday, October 18, 2008


I was thinking about this post this morning and after I read Josh's blog, I am a little more riled up. As this election is drawing the attention of many people who previously never voted or even cared about politics, it is increasingly clear that the followers of Obama tend not to focus on the facts but more so on the "promise" and "charisma" of this man. HELLO: He's terrifying! Since when are we so afraid of being politically correct that we neglect to look at the facts and figures, the flawed economic plans, the friendly relationships that the candidate held in the past - and still continues to hold - with terrorists and others that HATE America (and have voiced disdain for WHITE people, too), the "memoir" that details his strongly held marxist and communist beliefs, and most notably, his talk about "redistributing wealth"? Excuse me, but WTF? Where is that in the Constitution or Bill of Rights?'s no where to be found and that is because it is NOT THE ROLE OF GOVERNMENT.

But then again, those measley little documents don't really matter to "The One".

For those of you who still think that it is good to "take from the rich and give to the poor", let's look at a very simple example of Barackonomics:

John goes to school and earns an A on his exam. He studied very hard and is extremely proud of his work.

Jeremy goes to the same school but didn't really feel like studying, he earned a C on his exam, like the majority of the other kids.

The teacher, Mr. Barack, decides that everyone should get the same thing so he gives everyone in the class the same grade ---- a C+. It's the only fair thing to do.

Tell me, puh-leez, how this motivates John to continue to work hard and study for his exams in the future if he's going to end up with the same thing as the kids who didn't work as hard? And, what motivation do Jeremy and his classmates have to study harder next time when they actually ended up with a better grade than they deserved? The kids in this school just received a lesson in Barackonomics. Work hard, it'll get taken away and given to those who don't work as hard. Don't work hard, and you'll be taken care of by your government. That's redistribution of wealth, folks. A vote for Obama is a vote for mediocricity (at best).

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Dennis said...

The video sums it up beautifully. However, I can hear it now: "oh, well that's fox news, yada yada yada." yeah, it is fox news laying it out for all the idiots who don't care to truly do their homework. Obama wants to "spread the wealth" an economic philosophy that will, in no way, help our economy. It just rewards laziness. I find it amazing that people are excited to have a socialist in the White House. it should say something that the only way he's going to be elected is b/c they have to get the homeless to register and vote.