Monday, October 13, 2008

Luvs Diapers

A Luvs diaper commercial just aired and its tag line was to "say no to expensive diapers". Dennis looked over at me and said that NO MATTER WHAT we will not spend a lot of money on diapers. Afterall, they are only used for one (or two, if you want to be specific) thing - - and there is no need to spend a lot on that.

I laughed and said, "our kids will need THE MOST expensive diapers, I am sure. They will most definitely have sensitive asses and will require special diapers. THE most expensive ones available. We'll probably have to special order them." That's just the way our world works.

And, so, folks, there you have it: Dennis & Krista's children will have, among other things, sensitive asses.


Katie said...

OK, good luck with the cheap diapers Dennis! They leak leading to more laundry (and baby stuff must be washed in Dreft....expensive detergent, stains on stuff, poo on YOU, etc. get the point?). Phil used to try this too-

cheap detergent= rash on baby
cheap diapers= poo on you
cheap formula= barfing baby
cheap monitor= hearing your

Believe me, when that baby finally gets here Dennis will probably go buy it a convertible BMW he is so happy. ;)

Meimi said...

We had practically the same discussion yesterday while at Ikea. Walking through the children's section (filled with $99 Swedish cribs) on the way to the cafe, we remarked how we would NEVER spend a lot of money on baby stuff because it was a freaking baby that would never know the difference! Our outlook will probably completely change once we have kids, though! Gold plated mahogany cribs all around!

Josh M. said...

Baby Martin is going to need prescription diapers. Made of beef. And poker chips.

He's also going to be black.

At least that's what I dreamt last night.

(It's Friday at 4:50. I'm punchdrunk).