Friday, September 12, 2008


My mom works as a nurse anesthetist (and yes, I spelled that without looking it up) in Missouri. Everyday when she goes into work, she has to go into the womens locker room (going into the mens locker room may be more fun, but not so much work-appropriate) and change into her scrubs. She told me something disturbing the other day and I cannot quite shake it. She told me that some of the other women were TEASING HER ABOUT HER UNDERWEAR. First, don't make fun of my mom. And second, what type of underwear is she wearing these days?

I tried to broach the subject in as nonchalant of a way as possible (which is very hard for me, because whenever you talk about underwear, I have an uncanny problem of being unable to stop laughing) while at dinner with my parents when they were in town last. I thought that was as suitable of a time as any to have this discussion. After discussing bikini briefs, thongs, and she asked me about a brazillian, my dad asked us to please resume the conversation after the meal. I think Dennis probably appreicated that, as well.

We finished the conversation later that evening and I even mentioned to her a type of underwear called Hanky Panky (the brand) that my neighbors love. Apparently this underwear is the most comfortable in the world and you never get panty lines. (What more could a girl ask for?) I missed our last "Wine Night" but judging by the emails that were flying around the next day, the wine was flowing very fast and everyone was going to the mall to find a pair.

I've been thinking a lot about underwear lately. Really. It says a lot about your personality. Not only that, but when Dennis and I go to do our next round of IVF, I should probably wear a sexy pair of underwear. I mean, right? I want to be able to say that I wore sexy underwear when we got pregnant. Most couples probably remember, "oh, that romantic night..." or "I remember wearing my sexy underwear..." So, I really, really need to pick out a sexy pair of underwear for that day. Maybe I'll even get a matching bra.

I wonder if our doctor will let me bring some wine and cigarettes into the office, too?


Katie said...

You wear underwear? Since when????????

Melissa Bledsoe Minihan said...

You are hysterical. And I must say I can attest to hanky panky. I promptly went out and bought them after that wine night and they are nice!

Trish said...

Although sexy underwear may add an extra special touch to your IVF appointment, be assured, I definitely did not have on sexy underwear when I conceived. As a matter of fact, I don't think there was much romance either...heehee. But go out and get a sexy bra and sexy underwear for your next IVF will at least make for a good story! I have not tried the Hanky Panky's yet. I'm scared I might like them and then be stuck having to buy $18 underwear (and be forced to give up my beloved granny panties).