Monday, September 15, 2008


Dennis came home from the Fantasy Football team selection get-together several weeks ago just raving about Trish's "bacon wrapped goodness". She really made an impression on Dennis with these snacks - - so much so that he wanted to prepare a batch for the Hartman Tailgate this past weekend.

The recipe is great because it's very simple. It meets one of my key criteria: 5 or less ingredients. You basically buy one container of Hillshire Farms little smokies, one package of bacon, and a box of light brown sugar. Yeah, as you can tell, it's pretty much a (delicious) heart attack on a plate. You cut the bacon in 1/3's and wrap each piece of bacon around a "smokie". Put a toothpick through it, and cook them side-by-side in a 9x13inch pan for 45 minutes @ 350. Oh yeah, you dump an entire box of light brown sugar on top of the smokies (before you put in the oven) so that all you really see is brown sugar with toothpicks sticking out.

Dennis took them out of the oven and called me downstairs to look at them.

"The toothpicks shrunk", he said.

"What? Are you serious?"

As I walked up to the stove, I saw exactly what Dennis was talking about. The mysterious shrinking colored toothpicks had done a number on the beanie-weanies. They not only shrunk but they curled up!

I'm not quite sure why I find this so funny.


Katie said...

LOL, that is funny. Maybe I should take this app. to my "White Trash" Bunko this week. I am not calling my friends "white trash", we have theme parties. LOL. I reread what I wrote and had to clarify!

Josh M. said...

"I'm not quite sure why I find this so funny."

I'm sure it has something to do with flaccid penises.

Krista said...