Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I'm all grown up but I still want my mom when I'm sick.

But, I'm not crying. Yes, I usually cry when I'm sick. Ah-ha - - proof positive that I'm maturing. Well, at least a little.

I have lots of junk in my throat (better than in my trunk) and man oh man is it sore (my throat, not my trunk). The best part is that I have to go to a meeting for several days this week in Birmingham. So, I don't get any down time. Maybe I can get out of our "team building" bowling tournament. Those are always a rip-roaring good time.

The worst part of being sick is that I can hardly talk! Dennis is probably secretly in heaven right now. Maybe this will give me time to practice that "listening" thing that I've heard about. Naahh.

Ughmph. ahhhemmmm. ughmph (cough, cough).


bam said...

Why don't you tell me when your feeling bad (sick)? I still cry when I get sick and I am alot older, just ask Stephen. Its ok to cry, I am so sorry you have to go out of town. I can't help but you have my love. bam

Katie said...

I like my mom when I am sick too. It is ok. I hope you feel better soon.

I have to talk to you about these bowling tournaments though. Seriously, bowling is FUN!

Krista said...

Bowling is FUN, I agree - when it's with the right people! :)

Emmy said...

Oh I am a huge baby when I get really sick and also want my mommy. I can handle being a little sick but when it is really bad I always call and whine to my mom and hope that she will some how make it all better :)