Thursday, September 18, 2008

Princess Leia

Do you think that it's possible to make an animal more or less weird? Or, do pets just come pre-wired with their own level of weirdness?

I am asking this question because Echo has a few...well, a lot of...strange tendancies. For example, every morning when Dennis and I are getting ready for work, she likes to jump into the bathtub. I guess that way she thinks that she's getting ready, too, for her strenuous day consisting of naps, eating, walking, naps, naps, and maybe some more eating. She also doesn't mind when we "fix" her hair into her Princess Leia up-do. As you can see from the pictures above, the similarities are remarkable (I looked for a picture of Princess Leia in a bathtub but couldn't find one).

I feel better about things if I go with the "dogs come pre-wired with their weirdness" theory. Otherwise, we have had some very interesting effects on the little pooch. Poor Echo if that's the case.

And, the thought of us raising a family is then slightly terrifying, as well...


Katie said...

LOL. I cannot wait to see what you do to your kids. ;)

Meimi said...

I think it's mutual - we make our pets weirder and they make us weirder. Weirder... that's a funny word.