Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cell Phone 101

We've all been annoyed by the rude cell phone user more than once. Probably more than once today. The problem is that most of the people using cell phones do not follow any guidelines on what is rude, what is acceptable, or what is in the middle. Maybe these people don't have any consideration of what is obnoxious or what is appropriate in the rest of their lives, but the cell phone craziness has to stop.

So, in an effort to better the world, here are some cell phone ettiquette suggestions from the desk of Krista Martin:

- Just because your cell phone has decreased in size, it does not mean that you need to speak louder - or yell - to the other party. Unless, of course, the other party is in earshot and yelling may actually help. Keep in mind that their ears are still the same size - they may actually even be bigger than the last time you saw that person. Yelling is not necessary.

- Cell phones do not belong on the dinner table at home unless you plan to use them as a utensil. I do not reccomend using the phone as a fork, but perhaps it would work as a spoon.

- If you have voicemail set up on your cell phone, please check it.

- Restaurant diners should not place cell phones on the table - or continue to wear an ear piece - at meals. It's not part of your outfit. And, you are not that important.

- Do not stand next to me in the elevator while talking to your doctor on the phone about your latest problems. I do not want to know that you went to get Mexican food lastnight nor do I want to know about the GI side effects you are dealing with. Take some Pepto and shuddup.

- There is no need to wear more than one cell phone on your belt. C'mon. Wearing it on your belt is pretty dorky, anyway. You might as well buy a fanny-pack and you can put your cell phone in that.

- You don't (or shouldn't) drink and drive so don't dial (or text) and drive. There are enough problems on the roads without problems caused by these dangerous habits.

- When you are out in public, picking up your ringing cell phone does not permit you to immediately stop right where you are. Don't stop right in front of me when crossing the street. You can do more than one thing at a time. Or..uh...just don't answer your phone until you are sitting down.

- And lastly, but definitely not leastly, do not set your cell phone to blast La Cucaracha every time someone calls you. Unless, of course, no one calls you.

Did I miss any?


maya said...

I have one!

If you are out with a friend, especially one you haven't seen in a long time, DO NOT say, "I wonder what (insert name here) is up to," and then procede to call that person and talk for half an hour. It's most annoying in the car.

Dennis said...

How about not being on the cell phone while on the john. I had to listen to some guy talking to his girlfriend, wife, baby mama, etc the other day while he was going number 2. I mean, how am I supposed to concentrate on what i'm doing when there is a guy in the next stall talking about dropping the kids off at the pool while he is, at the same time, dropping the kids off at the pool.

Josh M. said...

I am guilty of a couple of those things, but I'm not tellin' which ones. (OK, I text and drive, and sometimes eat with my phone on the table.)

Krista said...

yeah right - you talk while you are on the john!