Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Excitement of Married Life

While watching the Baby Borrowers, Dennis looked over at me and said: "Hey, do you even love me anymore?"

I answered this question the way I typically handle his random, totally-not-serious-at-all questions. "Dennis, are you doing drugs?"

"No. You aren't even watching this show with me."

"Yes I am."

"No you aren't. You are playing on your computer. You don't love me anymore".

After this nonsense continued for a few minutes and I resigned to my earlier assumption that he was doing drugs and that is why he was making these sarcastic comments, he told me that I need to pay attention to the show because the characters are talking about how much they love each other and how they've made their marriage work for many, many years. Maybe I could pick up a few pointers. So, I pretend to pay attention.

"Are we ever even going to do anything?" he asked.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, this is all we do. We just hang out at home."

"What do you want to do?"

"I don't know, but we could do something. Do you realize we've done this for the last 700 days? I'm going to the clubs tonight."

"700 days? Wow. I didn't realize we sat around at home for that many days. I thought it was closer to 600. Y'know what? I have an idea."

"Oh yeah?"

"Why don't you go ice skating?"

"Ok. I will. Maybe I'll find some hot chicks."


Now that is what marriage is all about. Being ridicilous and making no sense what-so-ever. But the key is to find that someone that let's you be that way. And is that way back. Poor Dennis, he's definitely become more peculiar since we've been together. I LOVE IT!

Ahhh...just imagine what it'll be like after we've been married 40 years instead of just 4...

(Anyone else have this type of randomness? I hope the answer is a resounding yes.)


Katie said...

GREAT! But Krista I hate to break it to two have ALWAYS been weird.

Meimi said...

I can 100% say that I have become incomprehensibly weirder since marriage. I don't even know how to act like a normal person anymore. Case in point: every time we get a new Netflix movie and are about to watch it, Scott asks me to tell him what the movie is about and I read the summary on the envelope aloud in a New Zealand accent.

I love being married.

Krista said...


Stephen said...

I have always felt that sitting around doing nothing with the person you love is the very best way to spend an evening. Provided that both of you are awake.

Krista said...

stephen - I agree and the last part of your comment is key.