Sunday, August 3, 2008

To Wii or Not to Wii

After this weekend, our lives will never be the same again. On Saturday morning, Dennis decided that wii need a Wii. If wii didn't get one, wii would surely die (and yes, this post will be filled with "wii" whenever I can sneak it in). Since it was imperative to our survival, he would stop at nothing to find one. Best Buy, GameStop, Wal-Mart, Target, and Costco were a few of his unsuccessful stops. He came home without a Wii in hand, head down, and plopped on the couch. Ninetendo has done a helluva job marketing this product because with only a few in stores, the game starts the moment that you decide to purchase a Wii.

It was a challenge that Dennis had accepted...and failed.

But, he was far from giving up.

He decided to try one more GameStop that was near our house. I have never seen a bigger smile on his face than I did when he returned from that trip. The hefty price tag of $250 didn't matter because Dennis won. He found it.

After setting it up, wii decided to have a marga-wii-ta and try a few of the games. Being my skeptical self, I didn't think that I'd be a fan of this new toy. But, as soon as I set up my "Mii", I was hooked. I was impressed by my ability to make "Kmart" look just like me. And, apparently, I'm a very good bowler.

Wii were quickly engrossed in a serious game of bowling. Echo was thoroughly confused because wii were moving and doing the throwing motion - but nothing was coming out of our hands. She gave up after a while, sighed, and layed down next to us.

After a few games, our neighbors called and wii went with them to grab some drinks, eat some pizza, and grab s'more drinks. They went tubing all day so they were way ahead of us drink-wise so Dennis and I did our best to catch up. While they were telling the funny stories from the day, wii saw our chance and made up for lost time very quickly.

Mike and Melissa, who live down the street from us, have an awesome bar in their basement, so their house was the natural choice after wii left Blue Moon Pizza. It didn't take very long for Dennis to suggest that everyone come to our house for a Wii good time. The boys quickly jumped into a game of bowling and the girls went out on our patio to catch up s'more.

Around 1:00 or 1:30am the crowd start to thin out. The boys were still oblivious to anything going on around them. Being the Betty Crocker that I am, I made some brownies (from a box, of course) for them and headed up to bed. I think Dennis got in bed next to me around 3am.

When wii have too much fun the night before, wii say that wii are "sick" or "have the flu" because it makes us feel more responsible. Or, maybe just a little bit less irresponsible. In any event, wii drank a lot of fluids, slept a lot, and our flu symptoms seemed to be dissipating. That's a good thing because apparently Dennis had another mission for the day. Wii had to get Mario Kart. Luckily, after going to numerous stores and just when he was about to admit defeat, he found one. Yess - wii win! Wii get to spend another $50!

Ok, time to stop blogging. Dennis just got the steering wheels out of the package and I need to show him how the pros play Mario Kart.


Katie said... Phil thinks Wii need one. Can you please tell Dennis to send us $250. Thanks.

steamboat said...

My husband thinks he is a professional bowler after returning from your house at 3:00am last night. I am afraid your house will not be the same from now on. "Wi" have moved the party to your crib!! Maybe the girls can play next time. Who am I kidding? :)

Meimi said...

Wiilcome to the club! I am jealous you have Mario Kart!! Wii have not been able to find it anywhere after searching high and low for wiiks and wiiks. Wii'll bring our Mii controllers over one night and have a multi-player Wii-a-thon! Warning: I wiill destroy anyone in boxing!!

bam said...

Krista, I thought your blog and the comments and the Echo video were so funny that I almost wiied in my pants.

Scott Hartman said...

I'm the little piggy that went Wii, Wii, Wii all the way home.

Wii Rocks! Case closed.

Josh M. said...

Y'all are wiily wiierd.

Kelli said...

I love it! Wii have been looking for Mario Kart, where did you find it?

Thanks for having us over, Wii had a blast!

Dennis said...

I got lucky and found it at the crappy wal-mart on cobb pkwy. last one they had. the gamestop at cumberland mall said they were getting some in this week. might want to call them.

Trish said...

So sorry I missed the fun! I woke up at 3am and freaked because Kahn wasn't home yet. I have this saying that 'nothing good happens after 2am' (although now that I am a little older I need to move that up to midnight) and sure enough, I've been proven wrong...again! There's nothing like a little friendly competition and late night exercise at the neighbors. Had I been able to have a few cocktails, I would have been right there with you guys! And Kahn must have caught that flu you had on Sunday too...