Sunday, May 20, 2012

Happy 9 Months

May 19, 2012

Dear Blake,

Your crawling progressed quite quickly. You started getting up on your knees and rocking back and forth a few weeks ago. Then you started to do this “flounder” thing where you’ll be on your belly and just flap your arms and legs around as much as possible. It’s like you are a fish stuck on dry land. Or maybe you are trying to fly. Now, though, your army crawl is your primary means of fast transport from one place to another. You just drop down onto your belly and off you go.

Between crawling, exploring the house with the aid of your walker and bouncing (even when we hold you), you are always on the go. Connor has started to get a little frustrated with how quickly you can get over to him and put your hands all over his toys. They must taste better than yours because you are always drawn to whatever HE is playing with rather than your own play things.

When BAM was feeding you one day, you two created this game of tilting your head back and forth. We now have sound affects (boop-boop-boop-boop) to go along with your head bobbing. If Connor, your dad or I do it first and then say, “Blake, it’s your turn”, you perform right on que. It’s so sweet and you absolutely adore the attention that it gets you.

These last photos are my favorites.  After I took a few pictures of you outside, I sat you down for two minutes so that I could warm your bottle.  You weren't too excited about waiting two minutes... or waiting at all, for that matter.  It's probably safe to say that you get your patience (or lack there-of) from your mom. 

I am not looking forward to your nine month appointment this week because I know that means more shots for you. Shots equate to big crocodile tears and I wish that I could do anything in the world to prevent you from having them roll down your sweet cheeks. You cry so rarely that when you do, it makes me stop and try to end whatever is causing you frustration or to be upset. Vaccinations, I’m afraid, are just a necessary evil that we both must deal with.

An interesting thing that will come out of the doctor visit will be an update on your growth. I have no doubt that you are growing faster than every other child on this planet (you are wearing 18-24 month clothes at present) but your teeth have GOT to make their debut sooner than later. I haven’t seen many one or two year olds with dentures, so I guess I need to relax about that but c’mon, where are those suckers?

Thank you for your incredibly sweet demeanor and those beautiful smiles. Your baby babble tells me that you have lots of important things to share…and I know that I’ll be hearing real words come out of your little mouth sooner than I realize. Thank you for being you.

I love you.


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