Friday, April 27, 2012

A Pantry in Chaos

I started to fret as I was cleaning out our pantry this evening.  The fretting wasn't over the obvious (the fact that I am cleaning out my pantry on a Friday night), but instead it was about the lack of anything decent in our pantry.  As I tossed things into the garbage, I realized that the pantry is just like my closet upstairs:  cluttered with items that I don't wear, don't use, don't even like anymore so that it doesn't feel empty.  It doesn't feel organized but at least it doesn't feel empty. 

I still have the first suit that I purchased for a job fair my senior year at Mizzou. 

Up until 15 minutes ago, I still had some hot cocoa mix that was best if used by May 15 2008.  2008!

My fretting subsided as I looked up above the top shelf and saw a plaque hanging from the wall. 

And then I realized that it's OK if I'm not a perfect cook.  Or even a cook, at all, for that matter. 

I don't have to be perfect at everything....

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