Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy 3 Months

November 19th, 2011

Dear Blake,

Three months?  Are you serious?!  Even though you are still a little girl, you have a big personality.  Your smiles and coos light up any room.  And those cheeks are just so kissable.  I can't get enough of holding you and talking with you about what went during the day.... or what your brother has been up to.  Usually you have quite a few tales to tell about your big brother.  And I have this feeling that you are learning a lot from him about how to torment your parents down the line, too.  That smile is innocent, yes, but I know that there is a lot going on behind those beautiful eyes. 

In the last month, you've met two very important people.  Two people with whom you share a name - - Elizabeth - -  and who played a role in some of the traits that you have.  The first one, Mommo Loesing.  Your great grandma in Missouri.  She was so excited to see you that she didn't wait for us to bring you over to her house.  She couldn't.  Nope, she drove over to see you as soon as possible.  And then I couldn't pry you from her arms.  

The other very special person that you were able to meet is your great grandma (Mema) Peyton.  We visited her in the hospital last weekend and she bragged on you and Connor to every nurse, medical assistant, and any other passer-by.  As we were about to leave to drive back to Atlanta, she smiled and said, "I now know why they call them GREAT." 

In addition to being a jet-setter with travels to Warner Robbins and Columbia, Missouri, you have somehow found time to work on building your neck strength.  Man-oh-man can you whip that head around to watch Echo or your brother as they run by. 

And teeth aren't that far away.  It looks like the two on the bottom are thinking about coming through very soon.  Since you are a genius (obviously) and know that teeth will give you the ability to eat foods other than Similac, I'm sure that you are willing those teeth to pop through as soon as they can. 

I love you, Blake.  Thank you for being so laid back and for putting up with the chaos that now seems to be our current state of living.  Please keep smiling and making every day more perfect.


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