Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy One Month


It's hard to believe that we have had you in our arms for an entire month. Laying on my chest for naptime, in your pack-n-play downstairs, in your very pink car seat, and in our hearts. 

You and I have pretty much mastered the breastfeeding thing.  The only element that we could work on (and I say "we" but really mean "you") is sleeping more at night and possibly a little less during the day.  During the day, I'd love to hold you and be able to look into your sweet eyes a little bit more.  Or maybe you could watch your big brother (who LOVES you, by the way) or big sister, Echo, as they run through the house.  And at night, you are very good at reminding me every three hours - pretty much on the dot - that you are hungry.  And you want to be fed.  Pronto. 

Weighing in at 10 lbs and 3 oz's at a check up last week, I am glad that you are a growing girl.  And, you are only one month old, so maybe I shouldn't expect too much in the way of sleeping right now, anyway.   

When I was pregnant, I told your Dad that you were very active.  I'm not saying he didn't believe me then, but I am sure he believes me now.  Those little legs of yours are constantly kicking, your arms moving around and you are determined to strengthen your neck so that you can hold your head up on your own.  Getting you into your swaddling blanket every night is no easy task.  Those arms move quick!

I love, love, love your dark hair.  And that you have so much of it.  It's absolutely beautiful. 

There will be a day that I won't smell like sour milk, won't change what feels like 100 diapers a day, and will feel very rested.  But I'm in no rush to get to that part of my life again.  I love being at home with you and I love our time together. 

Thank you for your sweet toothless smiles in your sleep, your high level of energy (when awake), and for just being you.  For one little girl, you have brought an immense amount of joy and fun into our lives.

I love you, B. 


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