Friday, May 6, 2011

Momsy Womsy

Today started off much better than a typical Friday. Connor's school hosted a "Muffins with Mom" event this morning that involved nothing too crazy; just Connor and me spending time together, eating blueberry muffins, drinking orange juice out of big boy cups, and mingling with other children and their moms. It was such a fun experience to have Connor, holding my hand, pull me into the room with some of his classmates. It was fun. And I felt really important. And proud.

As we entered the room, the mothers were given carnations. One for each child. And I got two. Wow. Two carnations. Connor was waving one of them around like a sword after school and so I'm actually down to 1 1/2 carnations.

The two carnations made me happy, excited, and it seemed to hit home even more: we're having another baby. A little girl. And I can't wait.

I've been holding back on buying anything pink just yet and ended up getting a few little items for her today: some cute baskets for her closet and this sweet little onesie with ruffles. Pink and ruffles. We're official.

Dennis picked Connor up from school and the little man walked in the house, grinning ear to ear. He handed me the sweetest mothers day card.

I love the muffins, the card, the carnations, and making a few first purchases for the little girl that will be joining our lives in a few short months. Most of all, though, today was very special because of my incredibly sweet family. And because of the simple fact that I get to be a mom to such a perfect little boy.

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