Saturday, April 2, 2011

Nearing the end of week 17

I didn't have any sickness when I was pregnant with Connor so it has been an unwelcome surprise to not only feel nauseous but to actually be sick this time around. The good news is that this (week 17) was the first week where I didn't puke so things are looking up. It was an odd occurrence because I was typically sick late in the week - - on a Thursday or Friday morning. As you can imagine, I am eager to leave that part of the pregnancy behind me.

When you consider that I've been puking on a weekly basis and combine it with the fact that my tiredness has yet to wane, it seems like a safe assumption that this baby is a girl. High maintenance from the very beginning. Different pregnancy symptoms often suggests a different sex but my gut tells me that I'm having another little boy and Dennis thinks the same thing. He bet first and said that we're having a boy and I'm not allowed to bet the same thing, so, by default, I'm betting this is a girl. (But not really.)

We'll find out for sure in about two weeks when I have the next ultrasound.

Oh, and maybe I'll post a belly shot soon. My boobs have gotten out of control (already) so I can't see my belly unless I'm using a mirror. I'll make sure the photo only shows my belly when - and if - I post it. Ahhh...the suspense.


Anonymous said...

I told you I think its a girl! But you and dennis would know better :). Duh. I vote for a girl (even though I don't get a vote) so ill overshadow ur non-vote. Haha. Regardless boy or girl she will be beautiful (did u notice how I said she :)). Love u dennis but my full love and heart goes to connor and echo for obvious reasons :). Love u sista!

Katie said...

Sounds like a girl to me.....that sounds like my pregnancy with Samantha, although I was LESS sick with Emme. If you have a girl, ours can be BFF's, one month apart. BTW, what is it with boobs? Mine are INSANE this time too, no fun. Congrats on nearing week 18. I am looking forward to only 16 weeks more, thanks GOD.