Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Almost 23 Months


It has been longer than I like since I last wrote a letter to you and I apologize for that. My excuse, though, is a pretty good one. You are very active and keep both your dad and I running from place to place.

Your vocabulary is expanding and I hear new words come out of your mouth every day. Some of my favorites of late are, "cool", "cuck"(truck), "a-ya" (Echo), "bo-bo" (peanut butter), "c'mon mama (dada)", and "gone" (usually pronounced with a very southern-sounding accent). When you say, "no", which is happening much more frequent lately, you say it with the softest, sweetest voice and it's hard for your Dad and me not to laugh. And you are always honest with your answers, too.

"Connor, do you like the [insert food item here] that we made for you?"


"Connor, can we change your diaper?"


"Connor, do you want to go outside?"


"Connor, do you want pizza for dinner?"


Running is your favorite pass time. You open your mouth really wide, show your bottom teeth, clinch your fists and sprint back and forth through the living room and entry way. You get excited at your speed and say, "fast, fast, mama, fast!". Yesterday you, Kahn (your best friend), Kate and Will spent at least 30 minutes running back and forth along the side of the Huntsberger's house. Needless to say, we had an early bedtime. You had no chance of staying up til the normal 7 or 7:30PM.

After running around all afternoon with some neighborhood friends and seeing your Grandma and Grandpa Martin, Ruthie, and "AK" (Kelly) for an Easter brunch at our house, you were one tired boy last night. It was quite a busy day for you.

Jumping was a challenge at first but you are able to get both of your feet off of the ground at the same time now. Skipping has yet to be mastered, but with the amount of time you spend practicing, I am sure you'll figure it out very soon.

Nunu is still a favorite toy of yours but you are taking him fewer and fewer places these days. He is a MUST to have with you at bedtime or nap time but other than that, he tends to get tossed on the floor as you run around playing with your "cucks" and cars. Lightning McQueen, Mack, and Mater (characters from Cars) are by far your favorites. You've even been to known to sleep with them tightly clutched in your hands.

I love you, Connor.



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allie said...

Riley and Will had the same Easter outfit! :)

He is precious!