Thursday, April 21, 2011

Double Wow

Dennis and I were excited as we walked in to the ultrasound room this morning. We were excited to see a picture of our healthy little boy and hear his heartbeat. It's amazing how wonderful that sound is. A huge feeling of relief washes over me as soon as I hear the heartbeat on each visit.

It wasn't the baby's heartbeat that was the biggest part of our visit this morning. It was Dennis' and my heartbeat as we heard the words from the ultrasound tech, "you are having a girl!". We laughed because we thought she was joking. She had to be. I mean, Dennis and I just knew in our hearts that Connor was going to have a little brother.

But we were wrong.

The ultrasound tech went on to say, "look, there is her labia". Dennis and I both looked at each other as if to say, What did she just say about our baby girl? She'd better stop talking about our daughter that way.


The hours flew by today because we were constantly sending text messages/emails and making calls to our friends and family. The news took a while to sink in; we were both clearly in complete shock. Most importantly, though, I don't think the huge grin left either of our faces all day.

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Kristi Gilbert said...

What a beautiful baby! Congrats again on the wonderful news!!