Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Yay for me!

Very recently (a few hours ago), I was nominated by Whine & Cheez as someone who is a "stylish blogger". Many thanks to Kristi for the nod! If loving to wear stripes (horizontal, the non-flattering kind) makes you stylish, then I'm a definite shoe-in for this. Or, maybe it's the fact that my underwear says, "IN YOUR DREAMS" in bold gold letters. And I'm not even kidding about that one.

As part of the deal, you have to nominate other 'stylish bloggers'. Here are some great blogs I follow:
  • Whine & Cheez Because she is awesome. Obviously. Great taste. And she posts fun stuff all. of. the. time.
  • Chronicles of a Baby Wise Mom Do I need to say more? Babywise is the bible around our house.
  • Chasing Tails Betsy is a wonderful writer and I hope she sees this and realizes that she needs to post something again. And soon.
  • So Fetching a charming blog about fashion
  • What A Wonderful Life Katie keeps us up-to-date on her wonderful life

Here is where it gets really fun. At least for me. I have to reveal 7 interesting things about myself....only 7?!

1. I'll start by breaking the rule. This one isn't about me but I still think it's hilarious. One of the girls in my dorm freshman year told me that her roommate (who was incredibly overweight) was always having sex with her (also overweight) boyfriend in their dorm room. And my friend never knew this, but apparently it smells like pancakes and bacon when fat people do it.

2. I don't really follow rules. I don't like to. Isn't that one of the few really fun things that you get to do as an adult? I've been known to put Sprite in my cereal and eat breakfast for dinner. Ewww...craaazzy. I think I've even driven my car too fast a few times.

3. I was accepted onto a the show "Change of Heart" in college but it didn't work out for me to travel to participate in the show. Damn. I don't think Dennis was there, though, so I would've definitely walked away empty handed.

4. I feel like this is an obvious one here, but I love icing. The cake or cupcake is just the vehicle for transferring the ewey-yummy-goodness. Why can't they just serve blobs of icing?

5. I was once compared to Deon Sanders in the Columbia Daily Tribune. The article should've been nominated for a pulitzer.

6. I sell drugs by day and margaritas by night. Ah-hah...now you want to come to my parties, huh?

7. If I had a million-billion dollars, I would do everything possible to help homeless animals. I would offer free clinics to spay and neuter pets and work around the clock to save every little animal that I could.

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