Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sleep Talking, Anyone?

Has anyone ever told you that you talk - or walk - in your sleep? Dennis will make weird noises from time to time but what wakes me up the most is the screeching sound of his teeth grinding. Pretty sweet, I know.

Today started off extra early because our Little Man hasn't been feeling that great. And don't worry, he's not sleep walking just yet. He does offer up a scream or loud noise in the middle of the night fairly frequently, though. I wonder what a baby could have have a nightmare about? Maybe he's really more concerned than I realized about the Obamacare disaster that is taking place in Washington?

Speaking of politics, I'm not usually too excited about the Fox & Friends segment on Fox News. But, as we had it on this morning, I heard something that made me laugh. Please check out this blog, it's absolutely hilarious.

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