Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy 33 Weeks

You have been out in the "real world" for almost as long as you were inside of me. Isn't that hard to believe? Every morning when I shower, I look at my c-section scar and remember that crazy - but wonderful - day 33 weeks ago. Wow.

What have you been up to since my last letter to you? Well, you've accomplished a lot. We celebrated your first Christmas here on Earth (last Christmas doesn't count...you were on another planet, I guess, not sure of the name of that planet, but we'll skip that part for now). Your grandparents indundated you with presents, as you can imagine. After our drive to Missouri, you can officially say that you've been in Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, and Missouri. I guess that brings your grand total of state visits up to six when you include going to Hilton Head several months ago and the fact that we live in Georgia. You are very well traveled for such a little man.

As you can tell from the pictures, your mouth has been very busy. Not only are you jabbering a lot lately (and I mean that in the most endearing way possible), but your teeth are coming in and you look like such a little BOY now. A little boy...not a baby anymore! Your first two teeth, the bottom two, came in on December 15th and your top ones are still coming in but cut through not too long after the first ones.

Your smile is still the sweetest thing in the world. We can measure your mood and how you feel by the number of smiles we get each day. Unfortunately, last weekend there were only a few smiles that crossed your sweet little face. You were really sick for the first time - - and are still getting better. We've been giving you nebulizer treatments (albuterol), amoxicillin, and prednisone to help cure your croup and, as the doctor said, "a touch of pneumonia".

The first few days that you were sick, we only saw 3 or 4 smiles cross your face ALL DAY LONG. That's when we really knew something was wrong. Now that you are taking medicine, we see at least that many smiles in the first few minutes of the day. So, we're progressing along nicely.

Connor, you have been so busy growing, teething, jabbering, and playing in your walker that you haven't learned to crawl or sit up on your own just yet. That'll come, I know, and Dennis and I will be running around even more than we are now just to see what you are getting into. You change every day and I hope you know that we love you and are so happy to have such a sweet, beautiful, smiling baby.


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Katie said...

Beautiful pictures!!!!!! I am so sorry Connor was sick, I did not know. Need anything? We have a nebulizer, did you have to buy one. :( Both of ours have been thruogh that a bunch...scary.