Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

We were nervous about the time-change and Connor needing to stay on his schedule but all of our concerns faded away when he consumed a whopping 2 ounces before bed. He's had yet another bout with a cold and tends to not eat very well when he can't breathe. That is understandable but frustrating to parents that not only want their son to feel good but also selfishly want to sleep through the night like they are used to. As you might have guessed, we all survived the transition and Connor made it through just fine because he woke us up at 4am to eat. Those two ounces before bed just didn't do it.

Trying to be a glass-half-full (or coffee cup that is overflowing with caffeine) person this morning, I am focusing on the fact that Connor made the transition OK. Not that the entire household was awake at 4am.

And it's sunny outside. A beautiful day to follow a dreary Halloween night.

People have children for many different reasons but one of them is the fact that they keep you young. I have a renewed excitement for the Holidays, buying gifts, and doing the cheesy photo-op's at every chance that I get.

That being said, it is no surprise that we have photos of sweet little Connor dressed up in nothingless than two of the cutest costumes EVER. Of course, the only option for his costume was something Disney related. Any time I mention Disney World, Dennis says, "it's the most magical place on Earth" before I can finish my sentence. Yes, he drank the Kool-Aid when he worked there as an intern and the Kool-Aid must have a long half-life because it is obviously still pumping through his veins.

I guess that's OK because Connor looked adorable in his little costumes. I mean, have you ever seen a cuter Pooh Bear or Tigger?

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Katie said...

It was NOT Kool-Aid they drank there Krista but they did BOTH get brain-washed. Look at us, annual pass holders. Just cannot wait til you three are on board and join us on our magical get-aways. Connor looks ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!