Friday, September 18, 2009

It's Snot Funny

If you were to ask Dennis if I am a normal person, he would smile and say, "no way". And he is entirely correct. I'm not offended; being normal is probably boring. Being weird is way more fun.

Somewhere in my childhood I recall a song or saying (or something along those lines) that went like this: "never kiss your honey when your nose is runny because you may think it's funny... but it's snot." And that phrase came to mind this morning as I called my boss to tell him that I wouldn't be working today. I wiped my runny nose with my bare hand and looked at the clock. It was 5am and I couldn't breathe. I hadn't been able to breathe at 2am or 1am or at any other point in time since Wednesday. (And don't worry - I called my boss on our company voicemail system so I didn't wake him up at the ungodly hour of 5am.)

Anyway, back to the story. I called my boss, wiped my nose, coughed a bit and then looked up at the most sad and sweet thing that I have ever seen. You see, Connor had a runny nose, too. And a cough. And the sneezes. I hate, hate, HATE it that he is sick. But you must know that there is nothing more cute or sweet than his little ahhh-chew! Oh it's just so adorable. And oh so pathetic.

As I type this I am realizing that there really isn't a good story line to this post. Or a story, at all, for that matter. Just plain and simple: Krista and Connor were both home sick today. Dennis doesn't usually catch whatever germs I bring home but I think that I heard him clear his throat earlier, so you never know. Maybe I'll get crazy and give him a big kiss, runny nose and all. Even if he isn't sick, I'm sure he'd like to participate in the fun. He supplies the nose and I supply the "runny".

Don't worry about us. We will be just fine. I mean, as long as it isn't Mad Cow Disease. Not AGAIN.

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Katie said...

How are you feeling now? Watch those baby colds....they turn into ear infections sometimes.