Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pee is running down my leg. And it's not mine.

An extended weekend with friends, golf, and lots of beer makes for one tired Dad. An extended weekend at home alone with a 12 week old makes for one tired Mom.

Yes, you guessed it. I'm talking about Dennis and me. When he returned on Sunday from his North Carolina golf adventure, he was greeted by three family members that were eagerly awaiting his arrival. I hugged and kissed him when he walked in. Echo greeted him with a...uh...well, with hugs and kisses, too. Connor had a slightly different welcome home gift in mind.

After a few hours of being back together, we fell into our normal routine and it was time for Connor to have a bath. I started to run the water in the sink, grabbed his bath tub, and Dennis took off his onesie and diaper.

Dennis held our naked child close to his chest and I commented on how cute of a derriere he has since I had a perfect view of those little cheeks. And, just so you know, Connor has the cutest little butt in the world. He really does.

So, picture me at the sink making sure that the temperature is just perfect and Dennis holding Connor. Then, for no seemingly good reason, Dennis starts moving around and holding Connor away from his body. "Oh. My. God. I have pee running down my leg and it's not mine." Of course, I lost it. And so did Dennis. There we were, two mature parents, laughing hysterically at the fact that Connor peed all over Dennis. The story got even better when we looked at Dennis' shirt. The entire stomach area was SOAKED with pee. (Dennis obviously isn't laughing in this photo...the picture was taken after the excitement passed.)

If the amount of pee on Dennis equates to how much Connor missed him over the weekend, I think it's safe to say that Connor REALLY loves him. What a lucky guy. If it doesn't, then, well... I am just so glad that Dennis was holding him and not me.

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Emmy said...

Congratulations Dennis you are officially a Father! All men with sons are inducted into the club this way :). Baby tushy's really are delectable! My favorite thing to do is give Grady's tushy a squeeze, I really can't help myself.