Monday, June 29, 2009

Officially Baby-tized

Connor has officially taken over.

How do I know this? Well, to start, my definition of "nap time" has completely changed.

PREVIOUS NAP TIME DEFINITON: Getting into bed mid-afternoon with Dennis next to me (don't let him fool you...he is a nap-lover just like I am!).

CURRENT NAP TIME DEFINITION: Taking advantage of any free (and quiet) minute that I have. And, apparently Echo and Connor prefer to use me a a pillow.

Here is the other way that I know:

It's no secret that I am, well, uh...pretty anal... and so it shouldn't surprise you that I keep a log of when Connor eats and when he goes pee and/or poop. Dennis was changing his diaper (Connor's diaper, not to be confused with Dennis' diaper) and I asked him what presents he left for us so that I could update the log appropriately (no pun intended). It was obvious that he had not pooped so Dennis decided to find out if he wet his diaper instead. The scientific method that Dennis used was really the only one that makes sense: he stuck his fingers in the front part of the diaper.

I laughed at him. Not because he used this method but because I've done the same thing. Several times. Hey, it's important to make sure that the log is accurate. And you can always wash your hands.


Katie said...

Remind me not to shake next time we come over!

Anonymous said...

Too funny...and too cute! Love all the snuggling.

Josh M. said...

So, uh, eyes don't work? Or your nose?

Just lick it next time.

Krista said...

Josh - it's weird. I guess breastfed babies pee is pretty clear... and odorless.

Isn't yours that way? (ha)

allison said...

Am I ready for a newborn with a 2 year old!? Connor is so stinking appears that he and Echo are getting along well too. :) Hope to see you guys soon.

Emmy said...

You know pampers sensitive swaddlers have a line in the front that turns blue every time the diaper is wet. The Iphone also has an app for recording pees/poops/feedings and whatever else. Ditch those barbaric methods and come join us in 2009 :). Oh how I miss those snuggle naps, aren't they the best?!!

kelly (watha) said...

omg..that is so sweet. I love you and your sweet family. i miss you sis

KRISTI: said...

Oh my gosh.. this is the sweetest pic! I love that you and your babies are all snuggled up with one another :)