Friday, May 29, 2009

Weekend Fun

Some important weekend reading:

  • What happens when you increase taxes on the "rich"? And, by the way, the "rich" do pay well more than fair share of taxes already. The top 1% of income earners pay over 40% of all income taxes. What do you think will happen to the jobs in our country when corporate tax rates are increased and those "rich" companies see other countries (which lower tax rates) as a better place for them to thrive as a business? Just as people left Maryland, these companies will leave the United States. And we may not be able to entice them back.

  • If you, or anyone you know, may need healthcare in the next 10-30 years, please take a minute to read this. And this is a good assessment of the governments attempt (and failure) in universal healthcare. I'm with you, people - I wish that everyone could have health insurance and great medical benefits. But, the government is not capable of providing it for us. And, when you look deeper at the statistics that the media has presented to us, there are far fewer people without current coverage than we've been lead to believe. There is a fix out there - just not the gov't. This isn't about being a left-wing this or a right-wing that, it's about taking care of ourselves and the people we love. Believe it or not, Americas healthcare is what so many other countries want. And we're about to throw it away.


Dennis said...

I forgot how great that commencement address is. Dad gave it to me when I graduated college and I will be sure to do the same for Connor. Maybe even give it to him after elementary school.

Josh M. said...

Speaking of Connor, this is what I'm thinking he looks like right now. I mean, COME ON KRISTA! GET A MOVE ON!

Krista said...

josh - how did you do that? it's really cool. scary, but cool.

Martyn Oliver said...

Heya Krista,

First, let me be the first to (knock on wood) congratulate you and Dennis (via the blog world) and welcome Connor!

Second, you might find this interesting:

I know you've asked in the past, and responded "no" whether healthcare should be considered a human right. I'd ask this as a follow-up question: if the aim is to supply everyone with good quality healthcare, and if the govt. isn't the group to do it, why hasn't private health care managed to do so?

Of course, I expect no response from you while you're busy with your new bundle of joy!


ps--I've got my own thoughts on my blog.