Thursday, April 9, 2009


Is anyone surprised that Walgreens pulled this product from it's shelves over concerns that people would be offended?
In the overly-sensitive-everything-offends-me world that we live in, I am not surprised. Too bad for Walgreens that they aren't selling this any more. Because you and I can still purchase this fantastic Easter gift at other drug stores. Oh, YES WE CAN!


Jamie Massey said...

Come on Krista... You are better than that! At least give me some credit in your blog!

And you can purchase this gem from your own home! !

Krista said...

Hey Jamie - I didn't even know you had this posted on your blog!!! Things have been crazy on my end this past week and I've fallen behind on reading everyone's posts...I heard Boortz rambling about this early in the week and thought that it was hilarious!

GREAT minds think alike! :)

Jamie Massey said...

I agree!