Thursday, April 2, 2009

31+ Weeks

I am suffering from a case of bloggers block....I think. So I am going to post a few pictures of what **EXCITING** things have been going on in my life.

(1) The Belly Shot. Connor is definitely growing...Dennis said that he thinks that my belly gets bigger every day. According to my back pain, I would say that is probably true.

(2) Look at all of these cute invitations! I have some of the best friends and family in the world and I really appreciate all of the work that has gone into getting all of these fun showers together.

(3) As of today, we are PROUD PARENTS of a LAZ-Y-BOY. I wonder if they make a bumper sticker that says that? I imagine that I may be sleeping in that chair before Connor arrives. It is so good to my back!

(4) Cute little Echo is posing with this quasi-pillow-contraption that I sleep with these days. It's supposed to help support my back when I sleep. It's pretty comical, though, because once I get situated in bed, turning over is next to impossible because of this huge pillow and my huge belly. It takes me close to 5 minutes to rotate from laying on my right side to laying on my left side.

(5) Another contraption for my back. I wear this underneath my clothes during the day. Talk about SEXY! Maybe I should get my hair cut like the model has hers. It's almost a "business-in-the-front-party-in-the-back" mullet. Almost but not quite.


Anonymous said...

I AM GUT LAUGHING about business in the front party in the back. havent heard that in so long. you are a riot!!!
jenn (schultz) jones

Dennis said...

The Lay-Z-Boy is awesome. It may not be the prettiest chair we could've chosen but it's all about comfort. I know we (and Connor) are going to love that thing.

Katie said...

We were at a garage sale in TX one day and bought this fish print lazy boy for $20! I LIVED in that awful thing the weeks before AND after Cooper was born. You will fall in love with that chair over and over and over again...esp if you have a c-section. BTW, Connor's room looks amazing. You have done great work! Note to self though, do not buy stuffed animals for this boy...he has a shelf AND basket full! Oh and your belly is wonderful. I wonder if those pants will make it to 40 weeks. LOL!!!! ;)

LadyKate said...

So happy for you. Praying for that easy delivery!

kelly said...

you always look beautiful. hello little man :). i love you krista and I want you to always know that I love you so much and if you ever need anything at all please just call or text me. your so sweet as a pregnant woman and you glow :)

theciskekidsrblessings said...

Krista.. don't know if you even remember me from Highschool (Jr high even) but I am a HUGE blog-o-holic, and saw yours from your facebook... anyway, I HAD to comment... COngrats on the baby boy! Your belly is so adorable... not very BIG! but maybe thats because I get the size of a small house!!!
2nd, WHAT A WONDERFUL IDEA to put a lazyboy in the nursury... I have two kids and never thought of that... it will do such great things for you for those midnight "play" times!
Anyway, just wanted to give my congrats and 2 cents worth!!!

Krista said...

Stevie-So good to hear from you! Of course I remember you. I love all your posts and picture updates on have a beautiful family!