Friday, March 27, 2009

From This Moment

Faith Hill's song, "From this moment...", is playing in my head as I begin writing this post. As Dennis and I are nearing the end of this part of the baby-making process, I have begun to have much more vivid dreams. The dreams may also be more memorable because I am waking up in the middle of a dream much more frequently these days as my bladder screams out for help several times a night. Yeah, those pregnancy symptoms are returning. Hooray.

ANYWAY, one of the dreams that I had was about being in the delivery room and the first time we saw Connor. It was a moment filled with so much emotion. Happiness, excitement, and nervousness were all rolled into that one second. (On a side note, the delivery process was very simple. I hope that part is true, too.) I woke up with tears in my eyes.

This dream occured before our doctor visit earlier this week. Don't worry - everything checked out perfectly well except for my little anxiety attack. Connor has been in the same breech position for every ultrasound. I read that around the 31st week of pregnancy, a baby will start to move into the head-down position, so I asked the doctor when she thought that Connor may start to move into that position. She poked around my abdomen for a few minutes and then smiled and said, "he's already in that position. He's head-down right now." I freaked. We have 9 more weeks but HE IS IN THE "GO" POSITION already.

The best advice that I received prior to our wedding day was to take the time to step back and really take in the festivities. It's easy to be busy, overwhelmed, and too excited to really enjoy the day for what it is. Instead, though, by taking a minute to just look around, see how beautiful the church looks, and really listen to the music, you can take a mental photograph of every aspect of the special day. I still remember exactly where I was standing when I took time to be in the "moment". I am glad that I did that on May 22nd, 2004 and I plan to do it many times when Connor makes his debut, as well. We only get to have a chance at these "moments" one time and I want to remember them forever. Even if I am scared, overwhelmed, and incredibly in love.


Meimi said...

That was incredibly sweet. We can't wait to meet Connor and I can't believe it's almost GO TIME!!

Melissa said...

I can't wait for you - you're gonna love being a mom!