Saturday, March 14, 2009

29 Weeks

Less than 3 months to go. 11 weeks to be exact. 77 days. But who is counting?

I know that you are DYING to know what is going on with me these days pregnancy-wise. Lucky for you, I am going to spill the beans about ALL of the excitement that I've been experiencing. I won't leave out one detail.

My chief complaint: middle back pain. I have been told that stretching, heating pads, and wearing a wedge heel (rather than the stylish tall and thin one) while working will help to cure this ailment. I guess the whole bigger-boobs-and-bigger-belly thing is starting to take it's toll. Baby's got FRONT.

I developed a super-natural power for spotting a bathroom. Anywhere. It's like x-ray vision for an available toilet. It's a good thing, too, because I often need to use the restroom once (or twice) while grocery shopping. Or going to the pharmacy. Or going...well, anywhere, actually.

My once-every-4-week OB check up has been upgraded to a once-every-2-week check up. Hooray. More time in the waiting room. And, did I mention that our OB has the exact same due date as us? I hope Connor makes his debut before her baby does.

It takes me forever to get ready. Ok, that part isn't new. I guess I should say that it takes me LONGER than forever to get ready these days. It's nice when you go to your closet of already limited attire and find out that what you wore last week...or the week before...doesn't fit anymore. Let me correct that: it may fit, but it isn't exactly something you should wear in public.

Lastly but not leastly, let's discuss the belly button dilemna. It has started stretching and filling in a little bit. GREAT. I was hopeful that I could escape the Thanksgiving Day Turkey look but it looks like I won't be that lucky. In about two weeks I bet that my turkey will be telling the world that "this turkey is DONE"... but won't be served for 9 or 10 more weeks. The nurse said I can use duct tape or possibly a band-aid to keep it hidden. I wonder if it'll be a stub, like a finger, or squishy? The anticipation is killing me as I am sure it killing you, too...

It appears that my belly has picked up the pace growth-wise (here is a belly shot from 26 weeks). So, I need to go to Home Depot to make sure we're prepared for anything that "pops up" in the next few weeks.


Meims said...

This made me think of a weird but true story: When my grandma was a little girl she had an "outie" belly button. My great grandmother taped a silver dollar on her belly button every single day to hide it until eventually one side of the coin was rubbed completely smooth. Our family still has this silver dollar.

Krista said...

did it work? did she have an "innie" after all of that?

Emmy said...

My belly button never popped so you will have to tell me all about it if yours does! I found that prenatal yoga and swimming helped with the aches and pains. Do you have those classes available? Swimming is great because you are weightless in the water and it makes you feel human again. Yoga was great because the instructor would focus specifically on our aches and pains. The stretching felt sooo good!