Thursday, February 26, 2009

This is a good one.

I heard this joke today and HAD to post it since it involves my new favorite restaurant, Ihop.

Jokester: Hey, did you hear that Ihop has created a new breakfast special honoring Nadya Suleman?

Unsuspecting Friend: No, I didn't. What is it?

Jokester: 14 eggs. No sausage. And the next guy pays for it.

Unsuspecting Friend: ha ha ha ha THAT IS THE BEST JOKE THAT I HAVE EVER HEARD!

Once you stop laughing hysterically, I have a question for you (and please post your thoughts in the comment section): What are your thoughts / opinions on the Octumom Phenomenon (trying saying that 10 times fast)?

Surprisingly, I have an opinion about it. It was wrong. For many reasons.

1. I don't care what type of surgery you want to do or have done to yourself until it affects other people. Those poor children and doomed to have developmental problems. And how can any half-way normal person (which she isn't) care for, and raise, a family of 14?

Also, don't do selfish things like this and then rely on the taxpayers to pay for your poor choices. Criteria for NOT having 14 children: living in a 3 bedroom house THAT YOUR PARENTS OWN, not being married (to have a second person to help out), and NOT HAVING A JOB.

2. The doctor needs to be reprimanded in some form or fashion. Maybe a good spanking.

While Dennis and I were visiting with our high risk specialist the other day, I just HAD to ask her opinion on all of this nonsense. Her reply was simple. "When you become a doctor, you take an oath to do no harm. The doctor that did this violated that oath."

I couldn't agree more. I am obviously a fan of the medical technology that has been developed allowing people to use tools like IVF to have a family but this is not how it is supposed to be used. Our doctor went on to say that she never understands why a physician implants more than 1 or 2 embryos at a time. The risk to the baby and the mother are too high when you do that.

Please share your thoughts and opinions. I am excited to hear what everyone thinks.

Oh, and by the way, I can say, "Octumom Phenomenon" 10 times fast. Not that hard afterall.


Jamie Massey said...

That picture just made me throw up... Did you hear someone wants to give her one million dollars to do a porn? They also said they would pay the babies healthcare... GROSS! Who would want to see that?!?!? There are just too many things wrong with this woman. Damn, maybe I should blog on my blog about your blog!

Jamie Massey said...

and by the way, check out this blog. It has a floating fetus counting down the days... I don't know where the hell she got it. This is Chad's sister...
She just started this blog because I told her about yours!

Krista said...


Dennis said...

The floating fetus is hilarious. does it get bigger as the due date approaches?

Meimi said...

Well, I had to come see the floating fetus (say that 10 times fast. Ok. Also not very hard) and then you burn my retinas out with that Octomom pic. Thanks, a lot!

I think you mentioned the Octomom a few posts ago and I left a comment there, so I will just leave it again on this post. Basically, I think there is something very creepy about her and she definitely has a personality disorder or mental illness. It's a great tragedy for those children.

Here's what I wrote a few posts ago:

"I watched the Dateline special on the octuplet mom last night and it really touched a nerve in me for a number of different reasons that I am still trying to define. There just seemed to be something very "off" about everything about her - her reasons to wanting all those children, the methods she pursued to get them, the way she explained her financial situation, the way she presented herself on camera (even the smallest things - like, who has time to get her nails done when she just had eight children and six more at home?). I think she was very, very detached from reality. For example, she thought that once she went back to school and got her degree, she'd magically have the means to provide for the children. But WHEN is she going to have time to get that degree? And student loans are just that - LOANS. She also stayed very "on message" with talking points obviously given to her by the PR firm that is representing her and refused to honestly answer the tougher questions - even ones referring to possible plastic surgery, the father of the children, food stamps, etc. That same PR firm also set up the donation website that they referred to at the end of Dateline and something about that donation site also rubbed me the wrong way.

Anyway, I guess I am saying I am still debating with myself how I feel about it all. I used to love to watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 because, well, those kids were really cute, but the longer I watched the more saddening it became - I was disgusted at the way the children were being pimped out for free things and free trips and it seems like those children might have emotional or developmental issues down the road for being on TV and in the public eye during their developmental years. However, if I was suddenly faced with the prospect of feeding and clothing six children, who could say that I would not do the same? It's certainly a complex subject and it's difficult for me to make broad, sweeping generalizations or opinions."

Katie said...

Honestly, I still do not know how I feel about it. I agree that it was wrong BUT it has been done and I wish people would stop bashing her about it. I wish she would admit she made a mistake, take ownership of it and all that but it will never happen. UGH, those poor poor kids!!! How many eggs did she put in? See, I really have not read/watched much on it.

Oh and you know Phil's mom is the oldest of 13? They did GREAT with theirs BUT there were 2 parents (only one working) and they lived in the 50's in a small house, worked hard and led a very nice simple life. NOT the type I would imagine this woman having. I always say I would have more kids but we do not b/c we can afford the two we have and do not want to bring kids into the world we cannot provide WELL for. She should have thought about that, ahhhhh.

Jamie Massey said...

Yes, I have been told that the floating fetus grows as the due date gets closer!