Friday, February 6, 2009


Out of the blue, Dennis and I heard a knock on the door. He answered the it and found a surprise - our first gift from Pottery Barn Kids! Of course, I unwrapped the box as quickly as possible and found a beautiful bumper and bed skirt.

Dennis found the slip with the gift message on it and I couldn't wait to see who sent this to us.

"Who sent it? What did they write?" I asked.

He smiled and turned the paper over so that I could read it.

I'm not lying when I tell you that it took me a minute to comprehend what it said. Not only was this our first registry gift, but it was also the first time that I've seen Connor's name typed up. It's all seeming more real. Exciting. And real.

"It's from your parents," Dennis said.

"Oh...yeah. It is." (And I SWEAR that what followed is due to pregnancy brain.) "Dennis, I couldn't figure out how it was from Grandma and Grandpa Lang...I mean, they both passed away several years ago."

Dennis laughed. "Really? Are you serious? You think that they sent it to us from heaven?"

I am glad that I am going to be pregnant for 40 weeks. It's obviously taking me a while to comprehend everything that is changing.

I think it's going to take Echo a while, too.

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Katie said...

That is super cute. :)