Sunday, February 8, 2009


THE SCENE: We are sitting on the couch recooperating after a fun weekend visiting Sallie, Mike, their kiddos, and Jenni.

KRISTA: "Dennis, Connor is moving around. Come here! Put your hand on my belly to feel it."

DENNIS: (He scoots over next to me on the couch, puts his hand on my lower abdomen and turns down the TV. ) "Ok..right here?" (His face lights up with anticipation since he's only felt Connor move once.)

KRISTA: "Yeah, that's the spot. Do you feel him?"

DENNIS: "Yes! I feel him. I think. On the right side?"

KRISTA: "Wait. I'm not sure that what you are feeling is Connor. I think that it might be gas."


Emmy said...

HA HA! It will also never fail that when he is kicking the second someone puts their hand there to feel, he will stop!

Meimi said...

Just think of how great it will be after the baby is born... you can just blame him for any strange smells!