Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Love (before) First Sight

I'm in Dallas for an oh-so-exciting meeting for work all week. And, to be perfectly honest, this is the first time that I've had a little bit of time to sit down and relax. Time flies when you are busy, so I appreciate that part of the schedule, but I am pretty much falling asleep at night BEFORE I hit the pillow because of all of the running around we're doing.

There are several girls here - Stephanie, Alysia, Sherrie and Leigh - that make all of our company meetings much more fun than they should be. I would not be able to survive without them here - making me laugh and keeping me on my toes. When we're together, it's hard to take much of anything too seriously because we always find something to laugh about (like red-haired mullets). Connor (I think that is going to be his name) has kept me entertained throughout this meeting, as well. At 20 weeks I started to feel this little fluttering in my belly and it seems to get a little bit stronger each day. While it's incredibly reassuring to feel him moving around, it's also very distracting when I'm trying to pay attention and then I feel this little movement inside of me. How can anyone concentrate with a miracle taking place inside of them like what is going on inside of me?

I haven't even met the little guy yet, but I love him so much. My day is so much better because he's with me all day long...we're a team, already. I worry about him if I don't feel his movements for a few hours, so I guess the worrying starts even before the baby is born. One thing that is for sure, too, is that the love starts before the baby is born. It's a strange thing to love someone you've never met - or even seen. But I love him so much and cannot wait to meet him later this year.


Dennis said...

i love him too. y'know, your husband? hurry home!

Krista said...

i can't wait to see you on friday. i'm hurrying home as quickly as i can! meeting-schmeeting is what i say!

Katie said...

I love him too. I love the name Conner!!!!!!! It IS amazing and once he is here you will be holding him, not feel any kicking in your belly and freak out...ha. You get so used to that movement. I am so happy you are experiencing all of this. It is so amazing! What a blessing. We cannot wait for that little booger to arrive.

Meimi said...

That is really sweet, Krista. Stop making me want to get pregnant NOW!