Saturday, January 24, 2009

An Important 'FIRST'

When I first met Dennis, he didn't like to run. Or workout, really, for that matter. Since we've been together, he has started running and working out on a regular basis. I might be going too far to say he likes working out, but, he is definitely more aware of being healthy and the importance of going to the gym or running down the street. And, he signed up for his first half marathon several weeks ago. Yes, you heard me right: DENNIS IS GOING TO RUN 13.1 MILES ON PURPOSE.

He will do a tremendous job, I have no doubt, and I am confident that he will finish much more quickly than he anticipates. He's in better shape than he gives himself credit for. And, he has this great new heartrate monitor that is he using on a regular basis to motivate - and track - himself throughout the training process. I wasn't surprised...he always needs a new gadget. I am actually shocked he hasn't mentioned wanting the Nike shoes that have the little chip inside of them that allow you to track your distance, path, calories burned, and workouts online. As soon as he reads this post, I bet that there will suddenly be one more "must have" item that is absolutely necessary for him to train properly.

We watched part of "Running the Sahara" and all I can say is that these people must be slightly (or completely) crazy. They run about 40-45 miles A DAY and continue across Africa until they complete a running expedition of nearly 4,300 miles. While their adventure is nothing short of amazing (and the footage is beautiful), I just gotta say: that sh*t ain't right.

It does make me miss running, though. Because of starting out with a high risk pregnancy, I wasn't allowed to workout at all for the first month or two, much less run. Then, as things got better with the pregnancy, I still wasn't allowed to run. Especially since I tend to get distracted (who, me?) while I'm running outside and have come him with bloody knees on more than one occasion (ok, way more than one occasion but who is counting?). As you can probably guess, I'm looking forward to running again once little Connor arrives. Until then, though, I guess I have to practice being patient.

It looks like this year is going to be another one that is filled with many firsts. And they won't all be for Connor. It'll be the first time that I am waiting (and cheering) at the finish line as my husband completes his first half marathon.


Melissa Bledsoe Minihan said...

Oh my gosh...insert Mike where you have Dennis and I could have written this article. Except for the pregnant part :) I will be with you at the finish line cheering them on!

Katie said...

Yippee for Dennis. I am super excited for him. I know he will do AWESOME! BTW, if you have a nano, the Nike Plus is only like $25 at Target. You can put it in any running show. I LOVE mine and it would be great for training for dennis. Sorry....hehe.

Josh M. said...

I just ate a footlong sub with extra cheese.

Krista said...

Dennis bought a fanny pack yesterday. MY HUSBAND HAS A FANNY PACK. That is something that I never thought that I would say. Or atleast, not that that I would admit.

Dennis said...

It is not a fanny pack. it's a water bottle holder....that somewhat resembles a fanny pack.

Anonymous said...

Dennis has to have to a new gadget, no matter what. I am sorry Krista, I must have raised him wrong, but you are doing such a great job in keeping him focus and yea! for you for getting him to exercise. He is doing great and baby Connor will really be into exercising. Can't wait. bam