Saturday, December 13, 2008

Things that make me go mmmmmm....

A few things have come to my attention lately...making it clear that I mmmmmight be pregnant. I know, I'm hilarious. Without further adieu, here they are:

1. Dennis has ceased calling me Rip-van-Krista when I want to sleep. Now any sleeping that I do is OBVIOUSLY for the baby and not due to my love of sleeping.

2. Bending forward isn't as easy as it was previously. So I guess my days of cleaning the house and "picking up" are limited.

3. After a shower, I can been seen (only by the spies that hide in my house) rubbing cocoa butter all over my body. Bathe with water and then bathe in cocoa butter.

4. I finally have fingernails.

5. Some nights I get REALLY CRAZY and have a glass of chocolate milk when Dennis has his glass of wine.

6. A follow up to #5 is that I always feel good on Saturday and Sunday mornings. No more cases of the beer flu for me.

7. I have learned that it's a good idea for me to cross my legs when I sneeze or laugh really hard.

8. I have developed a sudden love of sleeping on my back. Apparently, that is a no-no for later in pregnancy and so when Dennis catches me sleeping on my back, I get a friendly reminder to roll over...every night.

9. Now I walk on the treadmill rather than run. It's a really good idea, too, because my coordination is pretty much non-existent and I need to avoid falling as much as possible.

10. I think my belly is growing a lot...I just can't see over my boobs to know how much.


Trish said...

Oh the joys of pregnancy! And all of these are true! I am looking forward to sleeping on my belly or back again. But let's be honest, I am most excited about being able to have cocktails again!!! I'll be trading in my cocoa butter bathe for a vodka bathe after this baby is born!

Melissa Bledsoe Minihan said...

I just love this Krista! I really like the part about you not having to clean and sleeping so late is justified.

Katie said...

I am so happy for you. I want to see a picture....NOW! I know you are adorable!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

All I can say, is that Dennis had better be taking really good care of you. bam